1856 to 1882
James Lynn was the oldest son of John and Mary (O'Kane) Lynn, born about 1856 in Co. Antrim, Ulster, Ireland.

On 23 September 1876 aged 20, he emigrated from Glasgow, Scotland on the Oamaru, giving his occupation as labourer. The fare of £13/11/00, was assisted by the New Zealand government as part of the Vogel scheme - a plan to increase the New Zealand population in order to have the manpower to construct roads and railways.

The Oamaru arrived at Port Chalmers, Otago on 17 December 1876. James apparently spent four years in the South Island before finally settling at Raureka near Hastings in the Hawkes Bay on the east coast of New Zealand where he was he was a farmer and was employed as an agricultural carrier and harvester.

1882 to 1900
James married Johannah Moloney at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Hastings, on 20 November 1882.

Johannah was a daughter of Donald and Mary (Ryan) Moloney, born about 1860 in Co. Clare, Munster, Ireland.

James and Johannah had eleven children:

G1 James Lynn (ca 1856-bef 14 Aug 1917)
= 20 Nov 1882
Johannah Moloney (ca 1860-bef 2 Mar 1945)
G0 Mary
(ca 1883 - )
(ca 1885 - )
(ca 1886 - )
Ellen "Nell"
(ca 1887 - )
(ca 1886 - ca 1950)
(ca 1889 - 1903)
James Joseph
(ca 1893 - 1916)
Philomena "Ciss"
(1895 - 1987)
(ca 1896 - )
(ca 1897 - )
(ca 1898 - )
1882 to 1945
James and Johannah lived on a farm on Heathcote Road, Ruareka on the western outskirts of Hastings. Heathcote Road runs off Southland road only about 2km from Michael Lynn's house on the corner of Lyndon and Southland Roads.

This is probably James:

Hastings Court At the R.M.Court today, before Messrs F SUTTON and W O McLEOD, J.P.ís.

James LYNN similar offence [allowing horse to stray]

From the Hawkes Bay Herald May 20 1888:

They are listed in the Hawkes Bay electoral rolls, living at Ruareka. James is listed as "Settler" from 1902 to 1914, and Johannah is listed as "Wife of James" from 1904 to 1935. Although Johannah was still alive for the 1938 and 1941 elections, the Hawkes Bay electoral rolls do not list her or any of their children, where did they move to?

From 1912 to 1919 the Wises directory lists James as a Farmer in Hastings. Johannah is also listed, address Heathcote Road, in 1922 and 1923. (double check details)

James died in Hastings in August 1917 and was buried on 14 August 1917 in plot E127 at the Hastings Cemetery. Johannah died before 2 March 1945 in Hastings. She was buried on 2 March also in plot E127 at Hastings Cemetery.

Their son John, who died at age 14, is buried with them in plot 126 (both plots were purchased at the time John died).

Some information on their children follows, but no details are included on this site for their grandchildren.

Mary Lynn (ca 1883 to ?)
Mary was registered in the Hawkes Bay Electorate in 1905 and 1911 (spinster, Koropiko and then Hastings Street).

Mary married Charley Lefley and they had two children.

Annie Lynn (ca 1885 to ?)
Annie married Garrett O'Shea and they had five children.
Johannah (ca 1886- ?)
Johannah married Jack Shine.
Ellen "Nell" Lynn (ca 1887 to ?)
Ellen married Frederick James "Fred" Pierce and they had eight children.
Elizabeth Lynn (ca 1888 to ?)
She was registered as a voter in 1911 in the Hawkes Bay Electorate, occupation spinster, Market Street.

She married Lionel Cooper and they had six children.

John (ca 1889- bef 29 Nov 1903)
John died aged 14 and was buried with his parents on Nov 29 1903 in Plot E126 in Hastings cemetery.
James Joseph Lynn (ca 1893 to 3 Nov. 1916)
James Joseph Lynn was killed in WW1 in France and is buried at Estaires Communal Cemetery, Estaires, France.
Philomena "Ciss" Lynn (25 April 1895 to November 1987)
Philomena was registered as a voter in 1919 and 1922 in the Hawkes Bay Electorate, occupation spinster of Heathcote Road.

She married Bertram Alloway "Bert" Torbett on 22 April 1925 in Hastings. Bert was born on 22 April 1898 in Wairoa, Hawkes Bay and died on 7 February 1971, they had two children.

Clare Lynn (17 Oct 1896(?) to ?)
Clare was registered in 1928 and 1931 in the Hawkes Bay Electorate, occupation spinster of Ruareka.

Clare married Ted Morris and they had two children.

Daniel Lynn (ca 1897 to ?)
Daniel was registered in the Hawkes Bay Electorate, occupation labourer of Ruareka in 1931 and 1935 and occupation Electrician of Ruareka in 1949.

Daniel married Nola Tucker and they had four children.

Thomas (Vincent James?) Lynn (ca 1898 to ?)
Thomas was registered in the Hawkes Bay Electorate, occupation labourer of Ruareka in 1928,1931 and 1935 and occupation Freezing Worker of Ruareka in 1949.

Thomas married Verna Peel.

Notes & References
  1. Information supplied by Michael Camden