William Walls & Ellen McCormick
1800 to 1850
G2 William John Walls =14 Jun 1855 Eleanor (Ellen) McCormick
(28 Jun 1829 - 4 May 1910)
G1 William John
(ca 1858-
19 Nov 1896)
=ca 1884
Mary Angland
(ca Oct 1861-
10 Oct 1898)
Hannah McGrath
Hannah Margaret
(26 Dec 1864 - )
(12 Jan 1868-
3 Jan 1920)
= 29 May 1899
Michael Lynn
(7 Apr 1871-
1 Jul 1933)
= 25 Jan 1900
Ellen Keenan
(ca 1856- )
Emigrated to: NZ NZ USA NZ NZ USA
All of children were born in Ballymaguigan, Magherafelt, Co. Derry, N. IRL and were baptised at St Trea's.
Father:William John Walls
Mother:Eleanor McCormick
Child Baptised
Bernard Walls 13/10/1861
Sponsors: Thomas Walls and Anne McCormick
Hannah Margaret Walls 26/12/1864
Sponsors: William O'Neill and Margaret McCormick
Helen Walls 12/01/1868
Sponsors: Edward O'Neill and Hanna McCormick
Thomas Walls 16/04/1871
Sponsors: Betty McCormick and J. Murphy
Baptisms of William and Ellen's children
Church_St_Trea's_Newbridge_NI (34K)
St Trea's Church, Ballymaguigan, Co. Derry, Northern Ireland
Anne McCormick no good fits but could be Anne O'Neill (dau Charles O'Neill and Mary McErlain)
Hanna McCormick probably Eleanor's sister (Honor) b 1836
Margaret McCormick probably Eleanor's sister b 1846
Betty McCormick probably Eleanor's sister Elizabeth b 1850
Thomas Walls possibly son of John Walls (4th son Patrick and Mary Diamond)
William O'Neill no good fits but could be brother of the Anne O'Neill above
Edward O'Neill probably husband of Eleanor's sister Margaret
J Murphy possibly James, b ca 1831, who was married to a Mary McCormick
The sponsors at the baptisms
Of the two sisters who emigrated to the USA, I have only found one:
Name: Hannah Walls
Arrival Date: 14 Jun 1887
Age: 18 Years
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1869
Gender: Female
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Ship Name: Indiana
Port of Arrival: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Last Residence: Ireland
Birthplace: Ireland
Microfilm Roll Number: T840_9
Many others in the family emigrated to New Zealand:
Emigrant ships:
  • Blairgowrie, John and Mary Angland (future wife of William John Walls), from London, May 29th 1875 to Lyttleton, August 22nd 1875
  • Carnatic, William John Walls, from London or Plymouth, 5 November 1877 to Lyttelton, 1 February 1878
  • Delphic, Ellen Keenan (future wife of Thomas Walls), arrived at Wellington on 17 12 1899.
  • Ruapehu, Ellen and Thomas Walls and their mother Ellen Walls (nee McCormick), from London, 13 Dec 1894 to New Zealand, 31 Jan 1895.
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