The McCormick Family
The Ancestors of Ellen McCormick
G5 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
G4 unknown unknown Patrick Walls
(ca 1775 - 1837)
Mary Diamond
(ca 1783 - 1830)
G3 John McCormick
(ca 1807 - )
Hannah Walls
(ca 1807 - )
G2 Ellen McCormick
(Jun 1829 - 6 May 1910)
= 1872
William Walls
(ca 1835 - ca 1890)
While McCormick would seem to be Scottish, is actually an Irish name. Electric Scotland notes it as associated with the McLeans in Scotland, however it does not seem to have been at all common.

The very first record of the family name McCormick was found in Munster, Ireland. The name McCormick in Ireland is derived from the native Gaelic Sept Mac Cormaic, which in turn is derived from the forename Cormac. The name is found mostly in Counties Fermanagh and Longford where the majority of descendants can still be found.

In 1659 Cormac was a principal name of Kildare, O'Cormack a principal name of Cork and also found in Limerick, while McCormack was a principal name in Down also found in Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Roscommon.

McCormick at that time was found as a principal name of Antrim and in other Ulster counties. Origins for the name are unsure, and it probably was taken on by several unrelated familes at the same time. (i.e. McCormack simply means 'son of Cormac').

The distribution of McCormick households in Ulster in the 1840's Griffith Valuation 2 shows a concentration in Antrim, Belfast and Down, with relatively few families in the west of Ulster; Derry, Tyrone etc.

The 1890 index shows McCormick as the preferred spelling in the Ulster counties of Antrim and Down. McCormack is favored in Dublin, Mayo, Roscommon and Limerick. The shortened form of Cormack is found in Kilkenny and Tipperary in much smaller numbers.

The distribution of the name in 1881, shows that it was common on the west coast of Scotland, confirming the Irish origins. However it is possible that our McCormicks were returned from Scotland during the Plantation.

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McCormick Crest
McCormick Crest
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