Ansley Bull & Kate Taylor
Family Tree
G3 Henry Bull and Martha Smith Edward Taylor and Anne Turner
G2 Ansley Bull
= 1880 Kate Mary Taylor
G1 Albert Roland
= (1) 1906
Mildred Martha Bull
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Evelyn Margaret Robinson
Eunice Ansley
Vera Kate
= 1934
Charles Burton
Bull family
Ansley and Kate Bull (nee Taylor) with Roland (c. 1895)
Birth Certificate of Ansley Bull:

Birth in the sub-district of Enfield in the County of Middlesex in the registration district of Edmunton 1855

Born: 17th July 1855, Turkey Street
Sex: Boy
Father: Henry Bull, Occupation Haycarter
Mother: Martha Sarah Bull formerly Smith
Informant: Martha Sarah Bull, Mother, Turkey Street, Enfield
Registered: 21st August 1855
Registrar: William Clayton, Lawyer Registrar

Ansley was born at Turkey Street near Enfield in Middlesex on the 17th July 1855 and was christened at the Jesus Anglican Church in Forty Hill. He was the youngest of the seven sons of Henry and Martha Bull. Henry was a Hay Carter and Farmer.

In the 1861 Census, Ansley (aged 5) was with his family at Turkey Street. It is interesting to note that his two oldest brothers were "Gun Makers", aged 16 and 13, presumably working at the Royal Enfield munitions plant, just down the road.

In 1862 at the age of 6, Ansley emigrated to New Zealand with his family, sailing on the Queen of the Mersey from London on the 3rd July and arriving at Lyttelton on the 19th October. The family lived at 24 Burke Street in Addington, Christchurch, where Henry had a market garden.

He was apprenticed at the age of 12 to a saddlery at the Forge in Riccarton Road (the building is still in existence, directly opposite Waimairi Road) and walked to work from Addington. He had to be there at 8am sharp.

Until 1880 Ansley worked as a Saddler in Christchurch, Ashburton, Timaru and Napier.

Kate was born in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire on the 3rd November 1859 to Edward and Anne Taylor. Edward was a policeman based at the time in Wainfleet. The family moved regularly and later lived at Kirton-in-Lindsey in northern Lincolnshire and then at Sunnybrow near Durham. In about 1868 Edward left the police force and the family returned to London. In 1871 they were living at 11 Broughton Street in Battersea, London and Edward was a Painter.

On the 23rd August of 1873, the Taylor family emigrated from London on the Cardigan Castle, arriving at Lyttelton on the 15th Nov 1873. Kate was 14.

The family lived at 18 Harmon Street in Christchurch and Edward continued to work as a Painter.

Kate Taylor
Kate Bull (nee Taylor)
Ansley & Kate
In England the Bull and Taylor families were mainly Anglicans (although Henry, Ansley's elder brother appeared to have been attending a Methodist Church in London). In New Zealand the families (mainly) moved to the Methodist Church, apparently attracted by that church's temperance policy. They lived quite close to each other in Addington, the Bulls in Burke Street and the Taylors less than a kilometer away in Harmon Street. It would seem to be a safe assumption assume that the families met each other through the church.

On the 18th October 1880 Ansley (25) and Kate (20) married at the Sydenham Methodist Church. Their brothers Albert Smith Bull and Thomas Edward Taylor were witnesses.

After they were married the lived firstly in Selwyn Street (near Albert Smith and Henry Bull) and later moved to nearby 125 Antigua Street.

Shortly after their marriage Henry became a manager for Farmers Ltd (presumably the stock & station company rather than the department store) in Christchurch.

Ansley and Kate had three children: Albert Roland, 1881 (known as Roland), Eunice Ansley, 1893 and Vera Kate, 1895.
Roland Bull
Roland Bull
Later Life
Ansley and Kate remained living at 125 Antigua Street.

Kate died in Christchurch on the 25th July 1925.

Ansley made a will on the 24th February 1941 in Christchurch Hospital in which he left his estate to Eunice and Vera and he died on the 3rd July 1944 aged 89. Presumably he was unwell for some time before his death.

Shortly before he died he was living in the Winchester and then St. Winifreds rest homes.

At his death the value of the estate was approximately 400.

Ansley and Kate are buried together in plot 1788 at Addington Cemetery, close to their home and to their parents, sharing their grave with Roland who died in 1939 and Eunice who died in 1956.

Bull Grave at Addington Cemetery
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