Joseph Bull & Elizabeth Nicholson
1780 to 1815
The earliest records found so far for the Bulls come from the baptismal records of St John's Church, . The family is:
G4 Joseph Bull
(bapt. 11 Jun 1784-1814)
= ca 1805
Elizabeth Nicholson
( - )
G3 Elizabeth Mary
(bapt. 25 Dec 1806 - 4 Apr 1807)
(bapt. 28 Dec 1808- )
Elizabeth Anne
(bapt. 10 5 1811-1894)
Henry Bull
(bapt. 25 Jan 1813-1891)
= 1842
Martha Sarah Smith
From the Cambridge Family History Society Burials Database: Records show that Joseph (G4) was an Innkeeper and Storekeeper, but records of inns in Royston at that time do not include any Bulls. However as he was living in (just north of Royston) at the time of his death it is possible that the Inn was there or at nearby .

The name Elizabeth Nicholson comes from Henry's death certificate, but is it correct? There is no sign of Joseph's marriage to Elizabeth Nicholson in the St John's records and so if it is correct, it is likely that they were married in her village. Interestingly there is a marriage record in the IGI of a Joseph Bull to Elizabeth Silver in Bassingbourne in 1805 - could this be the correct name?

Joseph died at only 29 and so the records which show a family of 4, small for the time, are probably complete.

My suspicion is that Joseph (G5) came from Enfield and that after the early death of Joseph (G4), his wife Elizabeth moved the family back there. There is some circumstantial evidence for this conjecture:

The Family of Joseph & Elizabeth
Their eldest daughter Elizabeth Mary (1806-1807), died at only 5 months.

Their next child was Joseph (b 1808) and I have found no other records in Royston for him. Family history says that when Henry Bull (G3) emigrated to New Zealand, the family stayed with Joseph and Henry's brother-in-law Charles in London, while waiting for the ship to depart (check the 1861 census).

There are no further records for their third child Elizabeth Anne (b 1811) either, however there is an Elizabeth Yates (or Yeates) buried in the same plot as Henry Bull (Addington Cemetery in Christchurch, New Zealand). Her age in the burial records, closely matches the birth of Elizabeth Anne. It therefore seems likely that Elizabeth married / emigrated to New Zealand.

Elizabeth Yates
Gravestone of Elizabeth Yates
d. 30 June 1894 age 81
Their fourth child Henry was born in 1813. Henry moved to Enfield, married, had a family and then emigrated to New Zealand. The story of Henry Bull is continued separately.
JosephBapt11th June 1784
Elizabeth MaryBaptDec 25th 1806
Elizabeth MaryBuriedApril 5th 1807
JosephBaptDec 28th 1808
Elizabeth AnnBaptMay 10th 1811
HenryBaptJan 25th 1813
Father Innkeeper
St John's Royston church register 1
Children of Joseph & Elizabeth Bull
(note that there are two generations)

1806BULLElizabeth M.d. of Joseph & Eliz.
1808BULLJosephs. of Joseph & Elizabeth
1811BULLElizabeth A.d. of Joseph & Elizabeth
1813BULLHenryof Josh. & Elizth.
Cambridgeshire Baptism Index 1801-37 2
Bulls in the Parish of Royston

YearSurnameForenamesAgeAbode / Condition
1805BULLElizabethw. of Joseph
1807BULLElizabeth Minf
Cambridgeshire Burial Index 1801-37 3
Bulls in the Parish of Royston
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