Joseph Bull & Elizabeth ?
1780 to 1815
Joseph and Elizabeth are the earliest members of the family I have been able to trace so far. In the last half of the 18th century they were living in , Cambridgeshire (note Royston is now in Hertfordshire) or in nearby Bassingbourn or Kneesworth. The records are mainly from St John's Church, see opposite for the records which appear relevant.

From these records we can reconstruct the following tree:

G5 Joseph Bull
(ca 1737 - 14 May 1809)
=ca 1760
Elizabeth ???
( - 28 Oct 1805)
G4 John Bull
(Mar 1782 - Jun 1782)
Joseph Bull
(chr 11 Jun 1784-1814)
= ca 1805
Elizabeth Nicholson
( - )
Unfortunately Elizabeth's surname is not recorded.

From Joseph's age at death he was born in about 1737, which implies that Joseph and Elizabeth were married between about 1757 (aged about 20) and 1780 (when John and Joseph were born). It is therefore likely that some of the other Bulls in the Royston records were earlier children.

A second possibility is that the Joseph who died in 1809 was actually G6, ie. the father of Joseph (G5), who therefore would have been born ca 1760. As there is no sign of such a person in the records, this possibility seems unlikely.

The Joseph Bull from the 1841 census was born in about 1786 in Bassingbourn, about two years after Joseph (G4) was born, implying that there were at least two Bull families in the area.

There are two interesting entries in IGI records for St Andrew's, Enfield (which also show Bulls living in Enfield from before 1550):

Were they ancestors of Joseph (G5), possibly explaining why Henry (and others?) moved there in later years.
The following are all of the Bull records I have found for the Royston, Bassingbourne and Kneesworth area:

They are from the Cambidge Family History Society (CFHS) Baptism and Burials Databases, the 1841 Census, the Royston Parish records and the Royston Militia list.

  • William Bull, 1775, Victualer {Militia}
  • Joseph Bull, 1778, Servant {Militia}
  • Josh Bull, 1778, Servant {Militia}
  • John Bull, chr 31 MAR 1782, Royston, son of Joseph Bull And Elizabeth {IGI}
  • John Bull (inf), d. Jun 19th 1782, Parish: Royston.
    [son of Joseph & Elizabeth] {Parish}
  • Joseph Bull, chr 11 JUN 1784, Royston, son of Joseph Bull And Elizabeth {IGI}
  • Henry Bull, 1785, Servant {Militia}
  • Joseph Bull, 55, Bassingbourn, HO107/63/6, 5B.
    [Born ca, 1786 - about the same date as Joseph (G4) who died 1814. Does this imply there were two families?] {1841 Census}
  • William Bull , d. May 14th 1795, Parish: Royston. {Parish}
  • Joseph Bull m. Elizabeth Silver, 03 OCT 1805, Bassingbourn. [Correct record??] {IGI} , Cambridge, England
  • Elizabeth Bull, d. Oct 28th 1805, wife of Joseph, Parish: Royston.
    [Born ?? - Elizabeth (G5)] {CFHS burials, Parish Records}
  • Elizabeth M Bull, b. 1806, dau of Joseph & Eliz., Parish: Royston.
    [daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth (G4)] {CFHS baptisms}
  • Elizabeth Mary Bull (inf.), d. Apr 5th 1807, Parish: Royston.
    [Born ca 1807 - daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth (G4)] {CFHS burials, Pariosh}
  • Joseph Bull, b. 1808, son of Joseph & Elizabeth, Parish: Royston.
    [Joseph (G4)] {CFHS baptisms}
  • Joseph Bull, d. May 14th 1809, aged 72, Parish: Royston.
    [Born 1737 - Joseph (G5)] {CFHS burials, Parish}
  • Mary Bull of Bassingbourn, d. 1811, wife of Samuel, Parish: Melbourn Independent Chapel.
    [Born ?? - possibly Samuel is son or brother of Joseph (G5)] {CFHS burials}
  • Thomas Bull, 30, Royston, HO107/63/20 6A.
    [Born 1811] {1841 Census}
  • Elizabeth A Bull, b. 1811, dau of Joseph & Elizabeth, Parish: Royston.
    [daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth (G4)] {CFHS baptisms}
  • Henry Bull, b. 1813, son of Josh. & Elizth., Parish: Royston.
    [son of Joseph & Elizabeth (G4)] {CFHS baptisms}
  • Joseph Bull of Kneesworth, d. Mar 17th 1814, aged 29, Parish: Royston.
    {Born 1785 - Joseph (G4) son of Joseph & Elizabeth (G5)] {CFHS burials, Parish}
  • Catherine Bull, 25, Royston, HO107/63/20 6A.
    [Born 1816] {1841 Census}
  • Mary Bull, b. 1818, dau of William & Ann, Parish: Bassingbourn.
    [is William another son of Joseph & Elizabeth (G5)?] {CFHS baptisms}
  • Mary Bull, 20, Royston, HO107/63/20 4B.
    [Born 1821] {1841 Census}
  • Rev. Samuel Bull, d. 13 June 1826, Bassingbourn.
    [Born 1761] {a2a archives}
  • Ann Bull, d. 1829 (ie b. ca 1795), aged 34., Parish: Bassingbourn.
    [Born 1761 - daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth (G5)?] {CFHS burials}
  • William Bull, d. 1830, aged 39, Parish: Bassingbourn.
    [Born 1791 - son of Joseph & Elizabeth (G5)?] {CFHS burials}
  • Charles Bull, d. Jun 15th 1848, aged 67, Parish: Royston.
    [Born 1781 - son of Joseph & Elizabeth (G5)?] {Parish}
  • Phoebe Bull, d. Mar 27th 1845, aged 75, Parish: Bassingbourn.
    [Born 1770 - dau of Joseph & Elizabeth (G5)?] {Parish}
Notes & References
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