Joseph Taylor & Mary ?
The family of Joseph Taylor and Mary ?
We know virtually nothing about this family. As family events occur in West Lynn and Pinchbeck, it is certain that they lived in the same Fens area as the Turners and Bothways. We do not know if this Taylor family is associated in any way with Thomas Taylor's Taylor family.
G5 Joseph Taylor
(c. 1784)
=c. 1804
Mary ?
G4 Anne
(c. 1805-1888)
b West Lynn
= 1825
Philip Turner
(c. 1793- )
b Crowland
(ca 1807-1867)
b Rotherhithe
= c. 1833
Sarah Morris
( - )
( - )
( - )
( - )
William Turner and Sarah Morris
Apart from Anne, the only family member we only know about is her brother William.

William married Sarah Morris and they emigrated to Nelson in New Zealand as part of the first group of settlers to arrive there.
In order to prepare the land, the men of first set of settlers to Nelson went first. William traveled on the Whitby, arriving in Nelson November 1841.

Sarah followed on the Lloyds with their children Sarah and George who were 8 and 6 at the time, arriving in Nelson in February 1842.

The Lloyds was reported on arrival as being badly overcrowded with poor and cramped conditions during the voyage which resulted in the death of 65 children and so they were lucky to arrive alive and well.

Sarah was pregnant and gave birth to a son shortly after their arrival in Nelson and he was later reported to be the first child born in Nelson. This claim cannot be substantiated, however, he was certainly one of the first children to be born there.

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  1. I am indebted to my cousins Alister Smith, Richard Laurie and in particular Geoffrey Ray, for much of the information on these pages. Geoff has been researching these families for many years and through his painstaking research he has assembled a considerable part of their history.
  2. I would also like to acknowledge the work of the late Mervyn Bull, another cousin. Unfortunately much of this has been lost, but the remnants have proven extremely accurate and have helped greatly in assembling this information.
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