John Turner & Rebecca Bothway
As we have seen, the Turner family came from the area surrounding Wisbech in the Fens of Lincolnshire. John and Rebecca were from Crowland, Lincolnshire where they married c. 1780, where their children were born and where they probably lived out their lives.

We do not know any earlier history of the Turner side of the family.

The Bothways on the other hand have a very rare name and by piecing together the available records, it is almost certain that they had lived for many generations prior to this in Crowland.

The Family of John Turner & Rebecca Bothway
G5 Joseph Turner
(c. 1760 - )
= c. 1780
Rebecca Bothway
(c. 1760 - )
G4 Frances
(c. 1781- )
b Crowland
(c. 1783-)
b Crowland
(c. 1784- )
b Crowland
(c. 1787- )
b Crowland
(c. 1789- )
b Crowland
(c. 1790- )
b Crowland
(c. 1793- )
b Crowland
= 1825
Anne Taylor
(c. 1805-1888)
(c. 1795- )
b Crowland
Apart from Philip, nothing is know of the family.
Notes & References
  1. I am indebted to my cousins Alister Smith, Richard Laurie and in particular Geoffrey Ray, for much of the information on these pages. Geoff has been researching these families for many years and through his painstaking research he has assembled a considerable part of their history.
  2. I would also like to acknowledge the work of the late Mervyn Bull, another cousin. Unfortunately much of this has been lost, but the remnants have proven extremely accurate and have helped greatly in assembling this information.
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