The Robinson Family
The Ancestors of Beriah Paterson Robinson
Margaret Robinson (nee Davidson)

Robinson Family Album

G5 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
G4 unknown unknown unknown unknown
G3 Beriah Robinson
(ca 1807 - 31 May 1877)
Elizabeth Paterson
(ca 1816 - ca 1865)
G2 Beriah Paterson Robinson
(25 July 1848 - ca 1902)
= 1872
Margaret Marion Davidson
(6 June 1847 - 1 June 1932)
The Robinsons
Robinson Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone
Robinson Andrew Donaghedy Tyrone
Robinson Andrew Killyman Tyrone
Robinson Benjamin Killyman Tyrone
Robinson Charles Camus Tyrone
Robinson David Bodoney Upper Tyrone
Robinson Elizabet Drumragh Tyrone
Robinson Francis Cappagh Tyrone
Robinson Henry Bodoney Upper Tyrone
Robinson Hugh Donacavey Tyrone
Robinson James Bodoney Upper Tyrone
Robinson James Cappagh Tyrone
Robinson James Donacavey Tyrone
Robinson James Drumragh Tyrone
Robinson James, Jr. Aghaloo Tyrone
Robinson James, Sr. Aghaloo Tyrone
Robinson Jane Drumragh Tyrone
Robinson John Bodoney Upper Tyrone
Robinson John Cappagh Tyrone
Robinson John Donaghedy Tyrone
Robinson John Donaghenry Tyrone
Robinson John Drumragh Tyrone
Robinson John Urney Tyrone
Robinson Joseph Ballyclog Tyrone
Robinson Mathew Donaghenry Tyrone
Robinson Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone
Robinson Matthew Cappagh Tyrone
Robinson Robert Aghaloo Tyrone
Robinson Robert Donaghedy Tyrone
Robinson Samuel Clogher Tyrone
Robinson Stewart Ardstraw Tyrone
Robinson Thomas Killyman Tyrone
Robinson William Ardstraw Tyrone
Robinson William Cappagh Tyrone
Robinson William Clonfeacle Tyrone
Robinson William Donaghedy Tyrone
Robinson William Donaghenry Tyrone
Robinson William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone
Robinson William Kilskeery Tyrone
Robinson William Lissan Tyrone
The Flax Growers List 1796
The earliest records of the Robinson family show that in the 1860s they were living at (note that this map currently shows the roads at more clearly) in Oughterard townland, Desertcreat Parish, County Tyrone in Ireland.

Little is known about the earlier history of the family. As this area was mainly settled during the plantation by the Scots (although there was a large English population there as well), and as they were Presbyterian, it is tempting to assume that they were of Scottish origin.

However, evidence to suggest they were English is becoming stonger; the name Robinson is English (see the 1881 surname distribution map), the only Beriah Robinson in the British Isles in the IGI records lived in Chevington in Suffolk, browsing the Robinson names in the 1841 Essex / Suffolk census shows that the christian names closely match those of our Robinsons and the daughter's marriages were to Anglo-Irish rather than Scots-Irish men.

There is an excellent summary of the Robinson records in Tyrone at this website. This family were early arrivals:
Families with the name of Robinson have lived in the Cookstown area since the beginning of the plantation of Ulster. In particular one Robinson family has a long residence in the townland of Ballysudden, parish of Derryloran. In the 1664 and 1666 Hearth Money Rolls, Henry Robinson is listed as resident in Ballysudden. Then in 1766, the Hearth Money Roll or list of householders in the parish of Derryloran lists Robert Robinson in the townland of Ballysudden.

In the valuation records, Beriah Robinson listed as a mill owner and so Beriah's ancestors may be one of the people listed in the Flax Growers List 1796 (also known as the Spinning Wheel List) (from County Tyrone Genealogy) opposite.

The Rock, Tyrone
The Rock is a small village about halfway between Cookstown and Pomeroy in a farming district.
The Rock
The Rock (Judy Greer) The area is predominantly Presbyterian,
their nearest church was at Sandholes,
another small village about 5km to the east.

Sandholes Presbyterian Church, Tyrone
Sandholes Presbyterian Church

BaronyDungannon Upper
Civil parishDesertcreat
Electoral Division/WardThe Sandholes
Poor Law UnionCookstown
Roman Catholic ParishDesertcreight in Armagh Diocese
Church of Ireland ParishDesertcreat
Presbyterian ParishSandholes
Administrative Districts for Oughterard
The Patersons
We have virtually no information on the origins and history of the Patersons apart from the marriage of Elizabeth Paterson, in about 1835.

Unlike the Robinsons, there can be little doubt that the Patersons are Scottish in origin. The 1881 maps of the distribution of the name in Great Britain show a concentration in Scotland (Paterson) and Northern England (Patterson).

It is interesting to note however, given the possible English origins of the Robinsons, a significant number of Pattersons in Norfolk.

From Electric Scotland:


PATERSON or PATRICKSON simply means 'son of Patrick', and as such has been a favourite Christian name throughout Scotland since pre-Reformation times.

Surprisingly, in Ireland it only became popular as a forename after 1600, probably due to its introduction by the Scots settlers in Ulster. As a surname Paterson belongs to no one district, and appears first in old Scottish records in 1446 when William Patrison and John Patonson appear as witnesses in Aberdeen.

By the 16th century a dynasty of Patersons were landholders in Fife, and of this line Hew Paterson became a writer in Edinburgh before purchasing the Barony of Bannockburn, near Stirling. His son, also Hugh, became the first Baronet of a line of Jacobite sympathisers who entertained Prince Charlie following the battle of Falkirk in the '45 Rising. Here the Prince met Clementina Walkinshaw, whose mother was the sister of the previous Baronet. She followed him to France in 1751 and bore him a child, Charlotte, 'Countess of Albany', but whether or not they married remains conjecture. William Paterson (1658-1719) was author of the ill-fated Darien Scheme to settle Panama and was originator of the plan for the Bank of England.

Paterson is a Lowland rendering of MacPatrick, a name occurring in bonds of manrent given by the Maclarens of Balquidder to the Campbells of Glenorchy in the 16th century and it is probably for this reason that the MacPatricks and Patersons are claimed as a sept of MacLaren. Likewise, some MacPatricks, Patersons, or Patricks, not related to those of MacLaren stock, are said to have been aliases of Lamonts, descended from Baron MacPatrick, ancestor of the Lamonts of Cowstone. The former claim that Patersons are also a sept of Clan Farquharson will not stand examination and such is now largely discredited.

Another source of Paterson may also have been MacPhedran or MacFetridge (son of Peter or Patrick), and reference is made to a 'Clan Pheadirean' (Patersons) whose home was on the north side of Lochfyne, but they are said to be a sept of the MacAulays of Ardincaple. The MacFatridges in Nova Scotia are equated to Patersons.

Those considering themselves members of the clans MacLaren or Lamont, may wear their tartans and display the relevant crest and motto of the present Chief. Loyalty must be based on available genealogical or geographical evidence but in the absence of any such definite evidence the MacLaren connection is the strongest.

There is some evidence that the Robinsons owned a flaxmill and so Elizabeth's ancestors may be one of the people listed in the Flax Growers List 1796 (also known as the Spinning Wheel List) (from County Tyrone Genealogy)
Patterson Aaron Dromore Tyrone
Patterson George Errigal Keerogue Tyrone
Patterson James Donaghedy Tyrone
Patterson James Leckpatrick Tyrone
Patterson John Camus Tyrone
Patterson John Drumragh Tyrone
Patterson John Longfield East Tyrone
Patterson John Urney Tyrone
Patterson Mary Errigal Keerogue Tyrone
Patterson Moses Cappagh Tyrone
Patterson Robert Ardstraw Tyrone
Patterson Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone
Patterson Robert Dromore Tyrone
Patterson Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone
Patterson Samuel Urney Tyrone
Patterson Widow Ardstraw Tyrone
Patterson William Bodoney Upper Tyrone
Patterson William Urney Tyrone
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