Alexander Davidson and Marion Grant
Davidsons of Elgin, 1840 to 1900
As we have seen, the Davidsons came from Findhorn and the Grants from the Grantown area.

Alexander and Marion were married in Grantown (see opp.) on the 11th November 1840. The Banns were read both at Elgin and Grantown-on-Spey and so we can surmise that by then Alexander had left home and was working in Elgin.

They had at least 6 children between 1841 and 1856. The names come from the family - following naming patterns to a limited extent:

G3 Alexander Davidson
(22 Apr 1808 - 17 Mar 1890)
= 27 11 1840 Marion Margaret Grant
(08 Aug 1823 - 21 Sep 1894)
G2 Robert
(12 Sep 1841 - )
Chr: 26 Sep 1841
(01 Sep 1843 - )
Chr: 17 Sep 1843
Margaret Marion
(06 Jun 1847 - 01 Jun 1932)
Chr: 20 Jun 1847
(04 Jul 1849 - )
Chr: 22 Jul 1849
(10 May 1854 - )
Chr: 23 Jul 1854
(08 Oct 1856 - )
see ref 1
Alexander was a cabinet maker and appeared to be running a small business, first at 231 High Street and by 1881 at 84-86 High Street in Elgin. These locations were was also the family home. 84-84 High Street is the building to the right of the car in the photograph below, it is in the town square outside the church and beside the Bank of Scotland which seems to imply the business was very successful.
Davidson Shop Elgin Moray (31K)
The Davidson's shop and home at 84-86 High Street is on the left.
The 1851 census is shown opposite, presumably Alexander Gring was an employee. Robert and Margaret were both missing from these records - Margaret was staying with Alexander's sister, Margaret Storm, and his mother in Findhorn and I suspect Robert was staying in Forres. Note that Marion is a Straw Bonnet maker.

Alexander died in Elgin on the 17th March 1890. Marion died in 1894 in London where she was living with their youngest daughter, Grace (see below).

IGI Records
27 NOV 1840, Cromdale And Inverallan and Advie, Inverness, Scotland
27 NOV 1840 Elgin, Moray, Scotland
Parish register records:
Cromdale Inverallan and Advie Parish Register

"At Grantown on the 27th November 1840 by the Revd John Clark, Alexander Davidson parish of Elgin to Marion Margaret Grant, Grantown."

Elgin Parish Register:

"Anno 1840, November 27th. After being contracted and their matrimonial banns duly intimated in the parish church of Elgin were married at Grantoen by the Reverend Mr Clark Alexander Davidson, cabinet maker, Elgin and Marion Grant parish of Cromdale before a competent number of witnesses."

1841 Census
Piece: SCT1841/135 Place: Elgin -Morayshire Enumeration District: 8
Civil Parish: Elgin Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island:
Folio: 8 Page: 4
Address: High St
Surname First names Sex Age Occupation Where Born
DAVIDSON Alexander M 27 Cabinet Maker Journeyman Morayshire
DAVIDSON Marion F 21 Dressmaker Outside Census County (1841)

1851 Census for 281 High Street, Elgin

Surname First names Rel Age Occupation Where Born
DAVIDSON Alexander Head 39 Journeyman Cabinetmaker Forres
DAVIDSON Marion Wife 34 Straw Bonnet Maker Cromdale
DAVIDSON Marjory Dau 2 Elgin
DAVIDSON John Son 7 Scholar Elgin
GRING Alexander Lodger 30 Carpenter - Master Dyke

1851 Census for Findhorn

Surname First names Rel Age Occupation Where Born
STORM Margaret Head 30 Shipmaster's Wife Findhorn Husband at Sea
STORM Janet Dau 9 Scholar Findhorn
STORM Margaret Dau 6 Scholar Findhorn
STORM Robert Son 4 Scholar Findhorn
DAVIDSON Margaret Visitor 4 Elgin
DAVIDSON Margaret Mother 69 Lodger Forres

1881 Census for 86 High Street, Elgin

Surname First names Rel Age Occupation Where Born
DAVIDSON Alexander Head 72 Cabinetmaker Forres, Elgin
DAVIDSON Marion Wife 66 Grantown, Elgin
MC PHERSON Marjory Boarder 70 Annuitant Grantown, Elgin
YUNG S. G. Lodger 49 Pianoforte Tuner Germany
Margaret Marion Grant
In 1869 Margaret Marion Davidson emigrated to New Zealand, sailing from London on 3 July 1869 on the Hydaspes, arriving in New Zealand on 29th September 1869. Her story will be continued elsewhere.
Grants of London
Alexander and Marion's youngest daughter Grace, married Gillies Grant at her parent's house in Elgin in 1880. Gillies was from Abernethy (just south of Perth) and was a Painter and decorator. It is not known if Gillies was related to Grace through the Grant connection.

They must have moved immediately to London as they were there for the 1881 census. They can be tracked on the 1881, 1891 and 1901 census's (although the name was transcribed as Glant in the 1891 records). They had five children and lived at in number of places in North Kensington and Hammersmith during this time: 9 Wellington Road, 57 Wornington Road, Bevington Road, 6 Brooklyn Road (now Lime Grove).

G3 Gillies Grant
(ca 1851 - )
= 24 Mar 1880 Grace Davidson
(10 May 1854 - )
G2 Alexander D
(ca 1881 - )
Marion J
(ca 1882 - )
Ida Grace
(ca 1886 - )
(1892 - Dec 1892)
Gillies Waldemar
(ca 1895 - )

See refs 3 and 4
1881 England Census, London, St Stephen, 9 Wellington Road
Name Estimated
Birth Year
Birthplace Relationship
Gillies Grant abt 1851 Scotland Head
Grace Grant abt 1855 Moray Wife
Euphemia E. Nicolson abt 1866 Scotland Niece
Helen H. Nicolson abt 1865 Scotland Niece

1891 England Census, London, Kensington
Name Age 1891 Birthplace Relationship
Gillies Grant 40 Abernethy, Scotland Head, Painter
Grace D Grant 36 Elgin, Scotland Wife
Alexander D Grant 10 Marylebone, Middlesex Son
Marion J Grant 9 Marylebone, Middlesex Daughter
Ida Grace Grant 5 Marylebone, Middlesex Daughter

1901 England Census, London, Hammersmith
Name Age 1901 Birthplace Relationship
Gillies Grant 50 Scotland Head, Housepainter
& Decorator
Grace Grant 46 Scotland Wife
Alexander D Grant 20 Marylebone, Middlesex Son
Marion J Grant 19 Marylebone, Middlesex Daughter
Ida G Grant 15 Marylebone, Middlesex Daughter
Gillies W Grant 6 Kensington Son
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