John Harper & Mary Bussey
Family Tree
G4 John Harper
(1798 - 1867)
=21 August 1824 Mary Bussey
(1799 - 1885)
G3 Hannah Harper
(1827 - 1901)
= 18 February 1854
Robert Lingwood
John Harper
(1829 - 1900)
= 10 July 1851
Maria Stapleton
(1827 - 1905)
moved to New Zealand
James Harper
(1831 - 1907)
= 21 November 1851
Sarah Barson
(1828 - 1894)
moved to New Zealand
Lawrence Harper
(1833 - 1896)
= 15 February 1860
Jane Gilder
and nearby
Robert Sizeland Harper
(1836 - 1906)
= 20 April 1836
Mary Ann Bennington
(1845 - 1905)
moved to New Zealand
Sarah Harper
(1838 - 1925)
= 19 February 1861
George Thomas Neale
John Harper (described as a Yeoman) was born in South Raynham and married Mary daughter of John Bussey of . They lived at West Raynham until the death of his cousin Margaret Sizeland, the last of that branch of the Sizeland family, when he inherited and moved to the Sizeland property in South Raynham where he lived until he died in 1867.
Move to New Zealand (G3)
Three of John and Mary's children migrated to New Zealand; John (1851), Robert Sizeland (1855) and James (1856).

Presumably James and Robert followed John after he gave favourable reports of life there.

The three families all settled in Kaiapoi just north of Christchurch, where they were all farmers.

Emigrant ships:

John Harper has documented these families in considerable detail, but I have only documented the family of John and Maria here first with a simplified ancestor chart for John and then with the details of the family of John and Maria.

Notes & References
  1. I would like to acknowledge that this page is based almost entirely on the work of John William Harper, whose publication "Narrative pedigree of the Harper family formerly of Stratton Strawless & Raynham in the County of Norfolk, and of Kaiapoi, Canterbury, New Zealand" Jan 1990, was kindly sent to us by David Harper.
  2. John records the sources of his research as:
    • Church of England parish registers
    • Civil records
    • the English census returns and
    • records from the Norwich Record Office