Robert King & Florence Tennant
From IGI records, Robert Henry King (1848 - 1892) was christened in Nobber, County Meath, Ireland on 8 October 1848 2, the son of James King and Margaret (unknown). Note however, that while the IGI record is similar to the family history, it should be treated with caution until firm proof is found.

Main Street, Nobber, Co Meath ca 1860
Christening08 OCT 1848, Nobber, Meath, Ireland
Batch No.C700671
It is not known how or when Robert emigrated from Ireland to New Zealand, but it was before 1875 when he married in Reefton.
New Zealand
Robert married Seabee Adelaide (Florence) Tennant (abt 1855 to 1940) at the Church of England Parsonage in Reefton, Westland, New Zealand on 22 October 1875.

Seabee was the daughter of Samuel Tennant and Elizabeth (Giers or Ciers) of Scotland. See the Tennant Family History for more details.

Robert and Seabee had 7 children.

Robert William King(1876 to 1946)
Elizabeth Amelia King(1878 to 1971)
Margaret "Daisy" King([*] to aft 1940)
Eva King([*] to ?)
Wiinifred King([*] to 1919)
Violet "Lillian" King(1 10 1883 to 18 02 1951)
Ethel Adelaide "Pat" King(abt 1888 to 1968)
* - Note that these three children were born in 1881, 1885 and 1890, but it is unknown which one was born in which year.
1875 to 1892
They lived at first in Reefton and moved to Greymouth by the early 1880s.

Robert worked as a guard on the Railways and was a member of the Greymouth Fire Brigade when the following photo was taken in 1884.

Robert King
Robert King in the Greymouth fire brigade, 1884
Robert died on 26 December 1892 in Greymouth of "concussion of the spine". There are a number of family stories relating to his death:

One family story regarding his death is that he was quite an athlete and that he was murdered by being hit on the head and robbed of money held in his possession after an athletics meeting.

Another version researched by Annette Kerr is that he may have been a bookmaker with a lot of money on him as the Reefton races were the next day. The bookmakers who went to Reefton and were returning from the Westport races had an accident when a wheel came off the cart they were on, and one was killed (This was a few days after Robert died).

Rewa Stericker heard the scuffle happened in a hotel.

A newspaper article in the Grey River Argus 27 December 1892 says "Mr Robert King, formerly a guard on the railway, died somewhat suddenly yesterday morning. It appears that while out on Saturday evening, he fell on a stone and hurt himself about the small of the back or the region of the kidneys. He attached no importance to the matter, but the next day he felt very ill and took to his bed. A doctor was called and he prescribed what was necessary but the condition of the patient became suddenly worse and he ceased to know people and gradually faded away, dying about 10am yesterday morning. The deceased leaves a wife and six children (the paper is wrong - there were seven) to mourn his loss and unfortunately they are in very poor circumstances. He had been a resident of Greymouth for many years past. It is supposed that he injured himself internally when he fell."

Robert is buried in an unmarked grave (plot 386 in the Anglican section) at Karoro Cemetery in Greymouth.

1892 to 1904
Seabea married again after Robert's death in 1892. Her second husband was Albert Stillman (1872 - ) and they were married at the Church of England Parsonage at Reefton, Westland. Ruby and Albert had 2 children.
Ruby Stillman(abt 1902 to abt 1975)
Rewa Stillman(abt 1904 to ?)
circa 1900
Elizabeth Amelia King
Elizabeth Amelia King (who married David Shaw Mackay)
circa 1900
Winifred King 17 yrs
Winifred King at age 17
1900 to 1940
Seabee moved to Christchurch and was living there at 99 Salisury St when she died on the 21st August 1940. She is buried at Bromley cemetery in Christchurch in Block 17, Row I with her daughter Ethel.
Seabee Tennant Gravestone
Gravestone Seabee Tennant
Notes & References
  1. Unless otherwise noted this information is from communications with Sharon Burnett.
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