Richard Feltham Guy & Anne Bacon
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Their second son Richard Feltham Guy (1771-1831) married Ann Bacon on the 16th December 1811 at St George's, East Stonehouse, Plymouth. Ann was the daughter of apothecary John Thomas Bacon and Abigail Newman of Cork. They had at least 6 children 2.
G4 Richard Feltham Guy
(1771 to 1831)
Ann Bacon
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G3 Richard Bacon Guy
John Guy
Joseph Guy
Francis Guy
Jane Guy
George Guy
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1798 to 1816
Richard Feltham Guy joined the Royal Navy in August 1798 and had a long and interesting career as a Purser on the HMS Loire. He saw service in the Med with Nelson's Med Fleet, blockading the Baltic in the early 1800s, convoy escort across to Canada and was also in the small fleet that successfully fought the US in the War of 1812 in the Chesapeake (when the White House was burnt by British forces!).

Richard Feltham Guy was retired from the Navy on half pay in 1817 when the fleet was drawn down after the Napoleonic wars.

To the right is a letter by Richard written at about the time of his retirement.

Richard Bacon Guy, eldest son of Richard Feltham, was born in Portsmouth in 1813 when his father's ship HMS Loire was in and out of Portsmouth Harbour. The christening in March was on a day when Loire was anchored off in Spithead, but was back again in the English Channel the next week, and in April left for the east coast of the US and Bermuda - and was not back until Dec 1814. Richard later tried unsuccessfully to get his son into the Naval College in Portsmouth, but Richard Bacon the son, went with his parents to Ireland and turns up in the 1846 Cork Directory as a Publican of 18 Merchants Quay. He died aged only 36 in 1849.

I beg leave to request you will be pleased to move my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to grant an Order for the entrance of a black lad of the name of Wm Robinson on the Books of His Majesty's Ship Tonnant he was brought from the coast of Africa by Capt Itby of His Majesty's Ship Amelia and discharged from her into the Loire in April 1813, and continued in her till she was paid off in January 1815 when to prevent his being turn'd upon the world without a friend in it and hoping I might get afloat again, induced me to keep him, but not having been so fortunate and my circumstances being such as not to enable me to keep him any longer, and the boy having no friend but the service into which he was brought, induces me to hope their Lordships will grant the Order for his entrance as above requested.

I have the honor to remain
Sir your most Obedient Servant
R F Guy Late Purser of the Loire

1816 to 1830
In about 1816, because of his pursering career which involved buying supplies for the ships he was on, and time spent running out of Cork, then a Royal Navy base, and the fact that he married a Cork doctor's daughter in 1811, he settled in Cork and set up a provisions and supplies business which in later generations specialised in stationery and publishing - the firm is still going today!

Richard's other children John, Joseph, Francis and George were all stationers, printers and publishers in Cork (see Francis Guy) and carried on the family business.

Richard, Ann and the family lived at . While the Pigot's directory entry says "Frederick", this is certainly Richard Feltham, as his obituary in 1831 says he lived at Mary Street.



Guy, Richard Feltham: voted for Mr. Callaghan (from the 'Cork Constitution,' 11/7/1829)

The candidates were Gerard Callaghan, Conservative, 475 votes and Sir Augustus Warren, Liberal, 79 votes. (Callaghan was subsequently disqualified the following year.)

Freemen were elected by Cork Corporation. Not all Freemen of the City of Cork were resident.

Pigot & Co.'s Directory, 1824 - Cork City

Guy, Richd. [Frederick], esq. (23 Mary Street)
1831 onward
Richard died on the 27th January 1831 aged 60.

In the same year, Richard and Ann's only daughter, Jane, also died at only 6 years old.

Mrs Anne Guy from Francis Woodley, Esq., Hilltown, Carrigaline, Cork
Patrick Curry and 16 others from Mrs Anne Guy, Hilltown, Carrigaline, Cork

In the 1847-64 Griffiths valuation, Anne was listed, apparently living at Hilltown, Carrigaline (see sidebox).

Ann lived on until 1862, dying at the age of 72.

"DIED On Thursday night, at his house in Mary Street, Richard Feltham Guy, Esq RN. During a residence of upwards of fifteen years in this city, this estimable gentleman, by the most kind and conciliating manners, gained the esteem of every person who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, which tenders him universally regretted, whilst to his sorrowing widow and family, as well as to his immediate friends, his loss must long remain a source of the most heartfelt anguish."
GUY, Ann "relict of Richard Feltham Guy"; 72; Cork City COR IRL; Cork Examiner; 1862-11-5
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