Charles Josselyn & Mary Steward
Charles Josselyn, 1828 to 1910
Charles Josselyn was born 7 February 1828 at (note: John has Wormingford but the Census data has Copdock), a solicitor at Colchester during his working lifetime, married on the 26 June 1851 Mary Henrietta Steward.

They continued the tradition of many of their predecessors by having a large family of one son and nine daughters.

G3 Charles Josselyn
= 1851
Mary Henrietta Steward
G2 Mary

In addition to these children I have found death notices for another three, all boys, who died in infancy:

All the children with the exception of Mary married and, with the exception of Marion (May), had children; a total of 41 in the G1 generation. Their marriages lead to some interesting outcomes and they or their families dispersed widely throughout the U.K. and overseas.

The family records such as the Birthday Books give appropriate details such as marriages and births of children for many of the offspring of Charles and Mary.

This covers the details relating to the descendants of Charles and Mary, with reference to their marriages and their children. Where details of further generations are known, their story will be continued separately.

Charles was born in Copdock, Suffolk and Mary in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. We have no record of them until their marriage in Great Yarmouth in 1851. We know that the Josselyns lived in Colchester from as early as 1855 and so probably resided there from the time of their marriage.

They must have maintained close contact with Charle's family as in 1858 Mary was involved in an accident near Copdock:

From: The Ipswich Journal (Ipswich, England), Saturday, October 30, 1858; Issue 6234

Braiswick Lodge
Braiswick Lodge (photo John Hallum, 2000)
From at least 1861 until 1882 Charles Josselyn, Solicitor at Colchester, and his wife Mary Henrietta (Steward) resided at (the property is now a residential home for the elderly) and later (by the time of the 1891 census) moved to .
The 1871 and 1891 censuses list Charles as a Brewers Agent as well as a Solicitor and the 1891 census also lists his son James (who in 1881 was listed as a law clerk) as Brewers Clerk.

The brewing connection is probably explained by the Steward family's majority share-holding of the Norwich based brewery of Steward and Patteson (ref 4), which was to become one of the larger breweries in England. Steward & Patteson's strength was in their ownership of public houses and at one stage they were one of the largest owners of pubs in England, mainly in East Anglia.

Mary Josselyn's father, Arthur Steward was the Yarmouth agent for Steward and Patteson from 1845 and her uncle Timothy (1796-1858) was the managing partner from 1832 (ref 4, p24).

In about 1863 S & P established agencies in Colchester and Ipswich (ref 4, p40) and there is sufficient circumstantial evidence to say with some confidence that Charles was the manager of these agencies.

The following advertisement in 1867 adds to the evidence:

The_Ipswich_Journal_October_19_1867 (140K)
The Ipswich Journal (Ipswich, England), Saturday, October 19, 1867; Issue 6703:
However it is interesting that it is called the "Norwich Ale, Porter, and Spirit Stores" rather than "Steward and Patteson", which implies that this business was owned by Charles and that he had the distribution rights for Steward and Patteson.

The Colchester agency was shut down in 1893, the year that Charles died. In 1919 J.A.W. Josselyn was the manager of the Ipswich agency (ref 4, p128) on a salary of £460, the 4th highest salary paid in the company.

There is another brewing connection in the family, seemingly unconnected to the Stewards: Arthur Wade Cooper, the husband of Charles' daughter Elizabeth, was a brewer in Swansea in 1881.

The following photograph is almost certainly of the Josselyn family and was probably taken about September 1888.

Josselyn Family
The people were not identified on the photograph, however several are identifiable from other photos.
Rear l to r: (?), Thomas Hallum, James Josselyn (?), Richard Guy (?) and Joseph Suche (?).
Front l to r: (?), Henrietta Hallum, Mary Josselyn (nee Steward) (?), Bertha Suche and Eleanor Guy.
Charles died 29 Sept 1893, aged 65. His son James must have inherited much of his estate, as by 1901 he was married and "living on own means" with several servants.

After Charles' death Mary apparently lived with members of her family. In 1901 she was living (or staying) with her brother in Great Yarmouth and in 1903 she was living in Upper Norwood in London (possibly with the Robertsons who were living in that general area). Mary died on 19 Nov 1910, aged 82.

The 1871, 1881 and 1891 census information for the family is below. It should be noted that this information was taken directly from the original census forms. Differences from the published census transcriptions are due to the numerous errors in the transcriptions.

Name Age in 1871 Birthplace Rel. Occ.
Charles Josselyn 43 Copdock, Suffolk Head Brewers agent and solicitor
Mary H Josselyn 43 Yarmouth, Norfolk Wife
Mary A Josselyn 18 Colchester, Essex Daughter
Henrietta Josselyn 17 Colchester, Essex Daughter
Augusta Josselyn 16 Colchester, Essex Daughter
Elizabeth Josselyn 15 Colchester, Essex Daughter
Bertha Josselyn 14 Lexden, Essex Daughter
Eleanor Josselyn 13 Lexden, Essex Daughter
Rosalie Y Josselyn 11 Lexden, Essex Dau
James A W Josselyn 7 Lexden, Essex Son
Marian R Josselyn 2 Lexden, Essex Son
Emily Josselyn 1 Lexden, Essex Daughter
Elizabeth Woodrow 24 Wymondham, Norfolk Servant Nursemaid
1871 England Census, Lexden, Essex. Braiswick House, 160 Bergholt Road

Name Est. birth year Birthplace Rel. Occ.
Chas. Josselyn abt 1828 Copdock, Suffolk Head Solicitor
Mary H. Josselyn abt 1829 Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk Wife
Mary A. Josselyn abt 1853 Colchester, Essex Dau
Henrietta Josselyn abt 1854 Colchester, Essex Dau
Eleanor Josselyn abt 1858 Colchester, Essex Dau
Janet R. Josselyn abt 1860 Colchester, Essex Dau
James A.W. Josselyn abt 1864 Colchester, Essex Son Law Clerk
Marion J. Josselyn abt 1869 Colchester, Essex Dau
Emily Josselyn abt 1870 Colchester, Essex Dau
Edith Barnes abt 1865 Elmstead, Essex Servant Housemaid
Sarah M.A. Hale abt 1856 Elmstead, Essex Servant Cook
1881 England Census, Lexden. Braiswick Lodge, 17? Bergholt road

Name Age in 1891 Birthplace Rel. Occ.
Josselyn, Charles 63 Copdock, Suffolk Head Solicitor & Brewery Agent
Josselyn, Mary H 62 Great Yarmouth Wife
Josselyn, James A W 26 Lexden, Essex Son Brewers Clerk
Josselyn, Marian R 22 Lexden, Essex Dau
Josselyn, Emily 21 Lexden, Essex Dau
Cockrell, Carlotta E 44 Elmstead, Essex Servant Cook
Smith, Alice M 23 Ovington, Suffolk Servant House Parlour maid
1891 England Census, St Peter, Essex. Note change of address to North Hill, Colchester
James Arthur Waylen, 1863 to 1932
James Arthur Waylen (Arthur as he was known to the family), b. 21 Nov 1863 and eighth child of the family, married Alice Maud Brettingham on 8 April 1891. Alice, b. c1870 at Chester, was the widow of Reginald Leir Brettingham and daughter of William Beale Wallis of Colchester. In 1901 Arthur and Alice were at and later they resided at near Colchester.

John records him as a Brig. Major in the R.H.A, however in the Census he is recorded as a Law Clerk in 1881, Brewers Clerk in 1891 and as 'Living On Own Means' in 1901. There are three Josselyns in the army list - A.H., F.J. and J.E. - but no J.A.W.

They had three children and the daughter of Alice from her first marriage also lived with them.

G2 James Arthur Waylen Josselyn
= 1891
(Mrs) Alice Maud Brettingham (nee Wallis)
G1 Hetty Eileen
(8 Oct 1893-1961)
Chas Arthur Steward
(17 Dec 1898-)
Maud Irene
(23 June 1905-)
Name Age in 1901 Birthplace Rel. Occ.
James A W Josselyn 37 Colchester, Essex Head living on own means
Alice M Josselyn 32 Chester, Cheshire Wife
Violet L Brittingham 13 Brentwood, Essex Stepdau
Hetty E Josselyn 7 Colchester, Essex Dau
Charles A S Josselyn 2 Colchester, Essex Son
Emma L King 32 Rattlesden, Suffolk Servant
Ellen Partridge 22 Newton, Suffolk Servant
Ellen J Warren 21 Colchester, Essex Servant
1901 England Census, Colchester, Essex, 2 Oxford Road, Colchester
In The Ipswich Journal (Ipswich, England), Saturday, February 29, 1896; Issue 9538, Mr A. Josselyn, representing Messrs. Steward and Patteson, was reported to be at 23rd annual dinner of the Ipswich and Suffolk Licensed Victuallers Protection Society.

And in 1919 (aged 56) J.A.W. Josselyn was the manager of the Ipswich agency of Steward & Patteson and so it can be safely assumed that much of his working life was with S & P.

If James is the person in the photograph taken at the ranch in Argentina however, it could be possible that he was working there in the late 1880s - early 1890s, perhaps representing an investment in the property by the Josselyn family.

During his period at Ardleigh, he took an active part in the local community, serving on the Tendring District Council; his obituary in the local newspaper describes him as a "staunch Conservative and a good sportsman". Arthur died in 1932, his wife Alice surviving him at Ardleigh for a further twenty years. Arthur is commemorated in a churchyard plaque.

Descendants from Arthur are still living in Ardleigh, where his grandson, Peter, runs a nursery garden.

"I have in my possession an inscribed silver christening cup presented by Arthur to my uncle, Thomas Hallum; for as long as I can remember this cup was kept at home by my parents - it is likely that it was given to my father by his brother Tom when he (Tom) left home to join the American merchant navy."

- John Hallum

Mary Amelia Josselyn, 1853 - 1946
Mary Josselyn
Mary Josselyn
Charles and Mary's first child, born in 1853 just less than two years after their marriage, was Mary Amelia; she remained a spinster and during the latter part of her life she lived with Henrietta (Minnie).

In the 1891 and 1901 censuses, she was living with or visiting her uncle Thomas Burton Steward in Great Yarmouth.

Mary died on the 17th January 1946 and her death notice appeared in 'The Times' of Monday Jan 21, 1946 (pg. 1);

On Jan. 17 1946, at Bedford, MARY AMELIA JOSSELYN, eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Josselyn. of Colchester.

The Times, 21 Jan 1946
The Times, 21 Jan 1946

Henrietta Josseyn, 1854 to -
Henrietta Josselyn
Henrietta (Minnie) Josselyn
Next in line after Mary was Henrietta (Minnie), born 8 March 1854. In 1883 she married John's grandfather, Thomas George Hallum; the Hallum story is covered in Volume 1.
On the 29th May, at St Paul's Church, Colchester, by the Rev. Charles Tomkin, Rector of Raydon, Suffolk, cousin of the bride, assisted by the Rev. W. F. Clements, Vicar of St. Paul's. THOMAS GEORGE HALLUM, of Wormingford Grove, Colchester, to HENRIETTA (MINNIE), second daughter of CHARLES JOSSELYN, ESQ, of Braiswick, Colchester.

The Times, 2 June 1883
The Times Saturday, Jun 02, 1883 (pg. 1)

G2 Henrietta Josselyn
= 1883
Thomas George Hallum
G1 Thomas Charles H.
(1886- )
Edward Josselyn H.
(1887- )
Dorothy H.
(1888- )
George Brooke H.
(1889- )
Augusta Josselyn, 1855 to -
1876 B.A.
1877 Ordained Rochester.
1878 Priest St Albans.
1877-78 Church of St Giles, Colchester.
1878-81 Norhill, Bedford.
1881-82 Asst chaplain of S.M. Home, Wantage.
1882-85 Curate of St John the Baptist Church, Buenos Ayres, (Falkland Islands Diocese).
1886-94 Vicar of St. Peter's Church, San Josť de Flores, Buenos Ayres.
1896-99 St Peter, Walworth, London.
1899-1901 St John Evangelist, E. Dulwich, London.
1901-02 Christ Church, Clapham, London.
1902-04 St Thomas, Stamford Hill, London.
1904-17 St Stephen, Lewisham, London.
Augusta (Gussie) married 1 August 1878 Arthur Lennox Robertson at St Paul's, Colchester.

Augusta (Gussie), third daughter of Charles and Henrietta (Steward), married Arthur Lennox Robertson at St Paul's, Colchester on 1st August 1878 in a double wedding with her sister Elizabeth.

Her sister Mary's Birthday Book recorded this double marriage as "the first in their little Church"; the marriage announcement cited "by special licence". Her marriage, together with that of her sister Lissie, was announced in 'The Times' of Monday, 5th August 1878;

Arthur, the son of Rev John Robertson, had for a short period before this been the minister at St Giles. His clerical career covering a span of some forty years is listed in Crockford's Clerical Directory as follows (Ref 108); Gussie and Arthur had issue eight sons and two daughters, born in the various locations where Arthur's carreer had taken him;

G2 Augusta Josselyn (1855- )
= 1878
Rev Arthur G Lennox Robertson
G1 Mary Henrietta
Francis Josselyn
Arthur Walter
John Steward
Charles Gillette
George Herbert
Mary Theodora
Ernest Cecil
(1892- 1915)
Arnold Phillip

(Note that Arthur appears to have adopted Lennox Robertson as the surname.)

On the 1st Aug., by special licence, at St Paul's, Colchester, by the father of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev W.H.E.R. Jervis, Vicar Elect, the Rev. J. Papillon, Rector of Lexden and Rural Dean, and the Rev. Arthur Ellis, Curate of Holy Saviour, Hitchin, the Rev. ARTHUR G. LENNOX ROBERTSON, eldest son of the Rev. J. Robertson, LL.D., Chaplain of St. John the Evangelist, Haverstock-hill, to AUGUSTA (GUSSIE); and at the same time and place, by the Rev. J.W. Tomkin, Rector of Raydon, cousin of the Brides, also assisted by the Rev. W.H.E.R. Jervis, the Rev. J. Papillon, and the Rev. Arthur Ellis, ARTHUR W. COOPER, second son of W.W. Cooper, Esq., of Rougham House, near Bury St. Edmunds, to ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) - third and fourth daughters of CHARLES JOSSELYN, Esq., of Braiswick Lodge, near Colchester.

The Times 5-8-1878
The Times, Monday, 5th August 1878

Name Age in 1901 Birthplace Rel. Occ.
Agusta Robertson 46 Colchester, Essex Wife
Arthur G L Robertson 47 Slough, Buckinghamshire Head Clergyman
Mary H L Robertson 22 Caldecote, Bedfordshire Daughter Cooking Instructor
Francis I Robertson 20 Caldecote, Bedfordshire Son Commercial Clerk
Arthur W Robertson 18 Wantage, Berkshire Son Insurance Clerk
John S Robertson 17 Argentina Son Bank Clerk
George H Robertson 14 Argentina Son
May Robertson 12 Argentina Daughter
Ernest C L Robertson 8 Argentina Son
Frederick Wm Robertson 6 Argentina Son
James M Wigg 14 Argentina Boarder
Emily Crosswell 16 Rotherhithe, London Servant
1901 England Census, 38 The Gardens, Camberwell, London
Elizabeth Josselyn, 1856 to -
Elizabeth (Lissie) married 1 August 1878 Arthur Wade Cooper at St Paul's in the double marriage with Gussie (recorded in the Birthday Book as "the first marriages in our little church") with issue;
G2 Elizabeth Josselyn
(1856- )
= 1 1878
Arthur Wade Cooper
(ca 1855 (Barnham, Suffolk) - 1897)
= 2 1900
George Siddons
G1 Charles A. Wade Cooper
(ca 1880, Oystermouth, Glamorganshire)
Margaret Henrietta Cooper
(ca 1881, Swansea, GLA)
William A Wade Cooper
(ca 1882, Swansea, GLA)
Elizabeth Sybil Cooper/Siddons
(ca 1893, Kilverstone, Norfolk)

Arthur died in 1897 (from BMD records, can't be 1891 as in John's story) and in 1900 Elizabeth married again to Geoffery Siddons at Thrapston, Huntingdonshire.

NameBirth YearBirthplaceRel.
Arthur W. Cooperabt 1856Burnham, SuffolkHead
Elizabeth Cooperabt 1856Colchester, EssexWife
Charles H.W. Cooperabt 1880Oystermouth, GlamorganSon
Margaret H. Cooperabt 1880Swansea, GlamorganDau
Alice Jamesabt 1862Haverfordwest, PembrokeshireServant
Annie Riddabt 1868Swansea, GlamorganServant
Sarah Tooheyabt 1858Chatham, SurreyServant
1881 Welsh Census, Swansea Town, 1 Singleton Street, Swansea.
Arthur was a master brewer employing 8 men and a boy.

NameAge in 1891BirthplaceRel.
Cooper, Arthur Wade35Barnham, SuffolkHead
Cooper, Elizabeth35Colchester, EssexWife
Cooper, Charles H Wade11Oystermouth, GlamorganshireSon
Cooper, Margaret Henrietta13Swansea, GlamorganshireDaughter
Cooper, William Arthur9Swansea, GlamorganshireSon
1891 England Census, Kilverstone, Norfolk (west of Thetford) where Arthur was a farmer.

NameAge in 1901BirthplaceRel.
Elizabeth Siddons45Colchester, EssexWife
George Siddons49Oundle, NorthamptonshireHead
Sybil E Siddons8Kilverston, Thetford, NorfolkDaughter
Emma Mayes44Aldwinkle, NorthamptonshireServant
Florence M Pywell17Benefield, NorthamptonshireServant
1901 England Census, Main Street, Islip, Northamptonshire (North of Bedford) where George was an Auctioneer and Valuer.
Bertha Josselyn, 1857 to -
Name Trade RegYear No Address
Suche Anne Provision Merchants 1879 40 Roches Street
Suche E. Provision Dealers 1886 60 Roches Street
Suche E. Provision Dealers 1877 40 Roches Street
Suche E. Provision Merchants 1875 40 Roches Street
Suche E. Provision Merchants 1884 40 Roches Street
Suche E. Provision Merchants 1880 40 Roches Street
Suche Ellen Provision Dealers 1891 60 Roches Street
Suche Joseph Unknown 1877 Wellesley Place
Suche Joseph Unknown 1880 Wellesley Place
Suche Joseph Unknown 1884 Wellesley Place
Suche Joseph Stewards 1879 6 Wellesley Place, off Military Road
Suche in the Limerick City Trades Register, 1769-1925.
Bertha married 11 Nov 1879 Joseph Suche at St Paul's, Colchester.

Family story has it that the Suche origins were in France as Souchet where, at the time of the French Revolution, one of the boys, Peter Anthony Suchet, was smuggled out of the country to Greenwich, disguised as a girl, later settling at Limerick in Ireland, to establish the family in that country.

Joseph P Suche, son of Joseph Suche, was born in Ireland c.1829. (The IGI records have the baptism of a Joseph Suche of Cashel and Emly Diocese in 1793 and the marriage of this Joseph Suche with Eleanor Collins of Cashel and Emly in 1819; could these have been the parents of our Joseph?)

Joseph's marriage to Bertha was his second marriage; his first, in c 1861-2, was to an Irish girl, Charlotte, by whom he had a large family.

The first child of the first marriage, Charlotte, was born in Ireland c. 1863; thereafter the remainder of the children starting in 1865 were born in London (Kensington). The next seven children arrived at regular intervals of about one year until 1872 after which they had a further three/four children who died as infants until in Sept. 1878 Charlotte herself died, then aged 38 (Ref IGI Records).

G2 Joseph Suche
= (1st marriage) c.1861
G1 Charlotte
(c1863- )
(1865- )
(1866- )
(1867- )
(1868- )
(1870- )
(1871- )
(1872- )
(approx birth dates as established from 1881 census)

The death of Alexander, is recorded in 'The Times' of 1 February, 1896: "Suche: On the 25th Jan 1896, ALEXANDER MCKENNA OSBORNE SUCHE, 4th son of the late Joseph Suche of City and Hampstead." (Note that he is described as the 4th, rather than the 3rd son).

During the period of this first marriage, the family appears to have run into financial problems; the firm of Joseph Suche and Co. Limited was placed in voluntary liquidation by the shareholders in January 1875. The assets being insufficient to settle all the debts, this led to a test case in the Court of Chancery regarding the entitlement of secured creditors to retrospective claim as a result of the Judiciary Act of 1875. The principal creditor was the National Bank which was owed some £40,000, secured on debentures, shares and a mortgage on a colliery. (This information was obtained by one of the family, a law student in Canada, who came across it whilst studying the standard law cases.)

Joseph Suche's second marriage was in 1879 to Bertha Josselyn, fifth daughter of Charles and Mary.

Their marriage was announced in 'The Times' 13th Nov. 1879 and the 'Essex County Standard' of the 15th Nov.;

On the 11th inst. at St Paul's, Colchester by the Rev W.H.E.R. Jervis, Vicar, assisted by the Rev John Papillon, Rector of Lexden and Rural Dean and the Rev A.G. Lennox Robertson, brother-in-law of the bride, J.P. Suche Esq. of the City and Minford Gardens, Kensington to Bertha, fifth daughter of Charles Josselyn Esq. of Braiswick Lodge, Colchester.

(Note; at this time Arthur was the rector at Norhill, Bedfordshire).

They spent their honeymoon in Ireland 'to meet the family' after which they returned to London to be greeted by eight children, aged from 16 years downwards.

They resided then at 19 Minford Gardens, Kensington, London (current post code W14 0AP) and later removed to 25 Sumatra Rd, South Hampstead, London (post code NW6 11PS).

The present (as at 2001) occupant of 19 Minford Gardens, Mr Martin Kelly, writes;

"I'm amazed that eight children lived in this house! It's a four-storey narrow house with a small garden. Joseph Suche was probably the first owner/resident here because these Victorian streets were built around 1880 speculatively to house City workers. At the time it probably had four bedrooms as a maximum, including two attic rooms. The street is a stone's throw from Shepherd's Bush Green, which is long the past its heyday but is now undergoing a revival with a huge White City development shopping mall being built, and the total revamp of the Tube station and the green, etc. There are quite a few young families such as ours in the street. But most of the street has the houses divided into flats. In general the houses are being reconverted to family homes reflecting a general trend for families to stay in central London. The average four-bedroom houses with garden go for about £700 - 800,000."
The marriage announcement indicates that Joseph Suche was involved in finance in the City of London; the 1881 census lists him as a 'Commission Agent'; it is unlikely that this has the same connotation as the current use for bookmaker.

One might have thought that a family of eight children was sufficient, but in fact they then proceeded to have a further six children during the next ten years by which time he would have been 60 years old. Joseph Suche died some three years later, in 1892, leaving a relatively young widow Bertha still being in her middle thirties with her six young children.

G2 Bertha Josselyn
= 1879
Joseph M Suche
G1 Alfred James
(1881- )
Bertha Amelia
(1882- )
Lionel Forbes
(1883- )
Mary Henrietta
(1885- )
Muriel Emily
(1888- )
Geraldine Kathleen
(1889- )

The 1891 census also shows the two youngest sons of the first marriage, Alexander (aged 23, unmarried) and George (21, unm.) still living at home.

The offspring from these two marriages has spread far and wide throughout the world; little appears to be known of those from his first marriage (a topic for future research!) whilst the descendants from the second marriage, who have mostly remained in contact, will be followed in the next chapter.

(It is to Bertha and Joseph's great-granddaughter, the late Helen Green of New Zealand, that I am indebted for an appreciable amount of the information in this section, much of which she herself gleaned from her mother and from her aunt, now both in their eighties, as recounted to them by their mother Muriel Emily (Ferguson), daughter of Joseph and Bertha Suche.)

Bertha Suche
Bertha Suche
Alfred Suche
Alfred Suche
Amelia Suche
Amelia Bertha Suche
Geraldine Suche
Geraldine (Suche) Keynes
Lionel Suche
Lionel (Pat) Suche
Mary Suche
Mary (Suche) Cherry
Muriel Suche
Muriel Emily (Suche) Fergusson (1916)
Eleanor Josselyn, 1858 to 1898
Eleanor Guy
Eleanor Josselyn
Very little is known of Eleanor prior to her marriage to Richard Guy. She was born on the 11th May 1858, and in the 1881 Census, age 22, was still living with the family at Braiswick Lodge.

At Easter 1884 (13th April 1884) she was in Argentina where she was presented with a prayer book. The inscription in the prayer book says: "Eleanor Josselyn Easter / 84, Buenos Aires Sunday School from Mr Perry"

On 5 Aug 1884, Eleanor married Richard John Guy at Buenos Aires, (Eleanor was his second wife). Richard was the son of Francis Guy, a printer and publisher in Cork and Limerick.

Richard and Eleanor had a tragic history, living first in Argentina, where their youngest (second) son was killed, possibly by a horse which was ridden by Richard in an incident which left him severely injured. They then returned to England, living in Colchester for a couple of years and then emigrated to New Zealand. There they were farmers until they appeared to strike financial problems (possibly as a result of the financial crash of Argentina in 1890) and then moved to the West Coast where Richard became a gold miner. Eleanor died in childbirth in 1898 and both the Josselyns and Guys disowned the family, refusing to provide any financial support to the children.

G2 Richard John Guy
(abt 1857 - 1913)
= 1884 Eleanor Josselyn
G1 John Canter Guy
28 May 1885, Partido De Lincoln, Argentine
Cecil Guy
2 May 1887, Argentine
Horace Seattle Guy
27 August 1888, Colchester, England
Thomas Gerald Guy
12 May 1890, Taranaki, NZ
Eleanor Kate "Nell" Guy
24 September 1891, Taranaki, NZ
Mary Henrietta Guy
31 August 1893, Kumara, NZ
Bertha Doris Guy
7 December 1895, Kumara, NZ
Josselyn "Jock" Guy
14 March 1898, Kumara, NZ

Note that since John Hallum wrote the family history, considerable new information on the history of Eleanor and Richard has been uncovered.

Rather than extensively editing John's story, I have written a new history of Richard and Eleanor, incorporating sections of John's original story with the new information and including Richard's other marriages.

Rosalie Janet Josselyn, 1859 to -
Rosalie Josselyn
Rosalie Tompson.
On the 30th October at St Paul's, Colchester, by the Rev F.J. Champion de Crespigny, MA, Vicar of Hampton Wick, uncle of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev W.F. Clements, Vicar of St Paul's, Charles Hardy Tompson, second son of the late George E Tompson, J.P. of Boxted House, to Janet Rosalie, seventh daughter of Charles Josselyn Esq. of Braiswick Lodge, Colchester.

The Times, 1 Nov 1884
The Times, Saturday, Nov 01, 1884 (pg. 1).

Rosalie Janet married 30 Oct 1884 Charles Tompson at St Paul's, Colchester with issue; her marriage was likewise announced in The Times (Saturday 1st November 1884)

Charles was a solicitor, in 1891 the family were living at Creffield Road in Colchester and 1901 they were living at The Limes, London Road, Aldham, Essex (census data).

G2 Rosalie Janet Josselyn
(1859- )
= 1884
Charles Tompson
(1850- )
G1 George Edward T.
(1885- )
Ruby T.
(1886- )
Arthur Frederick T.
(1887- )
Charles Josselyn T.
(1888- )
Hugh Steward T.
(1892- )
Timothy Steward T.
(1890, d inf.)
John: "I visited Ruby on a number of occasions at her bungalow at Eight Ash Green, near Colchester; her main interest then was in her garden. Hugh also lived nearby, latterly at Earls Colne; he was a regular but infrequent visitor to our home. I found him to be a pleasant and interesting visitor, but I think my mother was less favourably inclined towards him. It was in fact Hugh who brought us our first radio, a battery and accumulator model, in the late 1930's."
Marion Royce Josselyn, 1868 to -
Marion Royce (May) married 15 June 1907 F S Dymoke of Scrivelsby Court, , the hereditary King's Champion, at St Stephen's, South Dulwich; she was his second wife and although he had children by his first marriage there were none by this marriage, May being nearly forty years of age at the time of their marriage.
G2 Marion (May) Josselyn
= 1907 Frank Scarman Dymoke
No children

The Times, 30 9 1946
The Times Friday, Aug 30, 1946; (pg. 7)
As with the Josselyn family, the Dymokes are also of Norman descent. In former times it was the duty of the Champion at a coronation to ride into Westminster Hall on a piebald charger and to challenge anybody who denied the Sovereign to a duel by throwing down his gauntlet. This ceremony was last performed at the Coronation of George IV in 1821; the current duty is to lead the procession carrying the Union flag. The office is currently held by John Marmion Dymoke, the 34th successive family holder of the title since 1377.

The previous holder became a hermit at Scrivelsby Court in his latter years, dieing there aged 84. More recently, due to the high upkeep costs, the family moved out of the mansion house to a smaller house on the estate.

Scrivelsby Court
Scrivelsby Court, the postcard was sent to John Hallum's mother
by her mother-in-law, Henrietta, who was visiting her sister there in 1918.
Emily Josselyn, 1870 to -
Emily married 15 July 1903 Percy Woollard, with issue. Their marriage was announced in The Times Thursday, 23rd July 1903;

On 15th July, at St Paul's, Upper Norwood, by the Rev AG Lennox Robertson, brother in law of the bride, assisted by the Rev EM Marsden, Percy Owen , youngest son of William C Woollard of Sydenham, to Emily, youngest daughter of the late Charles Josselyn of Colchester, and Mrs Josselyn, "The Knoll", Amberley Hill, Upper Norwood.
G2 Emily Josselyn
(1870- )
= 1903
Percy Woolard
( - )
G1 Percy (Arthur?) Woollard

By the time of this marriage, Charles Josselyn had been dead for some ten years and it appears that Mary was then residing at Upper Norwood; had she moved there to live with a daughter?

Notes & References
  1. Based on Vol 2, Ch 12 of the research of John Hallum
  2. John notes that: "Quite recently contact with Mrs Helen Green (great-granddaughter of Bertha), living in New Zealand, has done much to fill in the gaps regarding the further movements of the family. Sadly, Helen died in 2002, bringing to an end our short but productive period of correspondence."
    Recently I contacted Helen's husband and he generously lent me all of Helen's files, which provided a rich source of information on the family. I have merged much of this material with John's on this site.
  3. The clippings from the Times came from "The Times On-Line" website.
  4. "Norfolk Beers from English Barley - A history of Steward & Patteson 1793-1963" by Terry Gourvish