James Josselyn & Mary Royce
Family Tree
G4 James Josselyn
(c. 1787 - 1867)
= c 1820 Mary Bryckwood Royce
(1791 - 1876)
G3 Mary Royce
(c. 1821 - 1841)
(c. 1822 - 1855)
(c. 1823 - )
( - 1895)
John Brooke
(c. 1825 - )
= 1850
Eleanor Royce Tomkin
(c. 1828 - )
= 1851
Mary Henrietta Steward
(c. 1830 - )
William Pearson
Hannah Maria
(c. 1832 - )
(c. 1834 - 1842)
Catherine Octavia
(c. 1836 - 1837)

The line of descent passes down through James Josselyn (G4) born about 1787 in Belstead (Belstead Hall?), the youngest son of John Josselyn and Sarah Sparrow. James married Mary Bryckwood Royce, daughter of John Royce and Mary Bryckwood of .

Mary's family would appear to have been established in Woodham Walter for some time; records show a William Royce purchasing a messuage in W.W. in 1713. (Ref 100/004)

James followed his father's profession and was a land agent and a farmer. The family resided for many years at where he died in 1867, aged 80.

He inherited the estate of his unmarried brother Charles who died in 1861 and in the 1861 census James was living at in the London Road, directly opposite 'The Avenue' and is now the Elizabeth Hotel.

It is interesting to note that close neighbours in the 1861 census were Frederick de Grey and his brother George, the sons of Thomas, fourth Lord Walsingham. Frederick was the Rector of St Peter's Copdock and St Mary's Washburn. Apparently St Mar's was the commoner's church and St Peter's the gentry's.

James and Mary had issue two sons, James and Charles, and eight daughters; Mary Royce, Sarah, Harriet, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Hannah, Frances and Catherine Octavia.

Four of their daughters pre-deceased them; Mary Royce (d. 24 April 1841), Sarah (d. 28 December 1855), Frances (d. 11 June 1842) and Catherine Octavia (d. 20 Jan 1837). All four are buried in the St Peter's, Copdock graveyard with James (d. 31 July 1867) and Mary (19 May 1876). The family are all buried in plot 102.

The will of James Josselyn (G4) was rather unusual in that, after bequests to his wife during her lifetime, he devised that his estate should be split equally amongst his remaining six children with a proviso that the trustees were to administer the share of his daughter Elizabeth Pearson for "her sole and separate and inalienable use and benefit separate and apart from and exclusive of her present or any future husband and so that the same may not be under his control..." and to pass to her children on her death. Did he not like her husband, or did he not trust her judgement? Be that as it may, William died 1906.

1841 Census data for Copdock
Abode Name Surname Age
Copdock James Josselyn 54
Copdock Mary Royce Josselyn 49
Copdock Sarah Josselyn 19
Copdock Harriet Josselyn 18
Copdock James Josselyn 16
Copdock Hannah Maria Josselyn 9
Copdock Frances Josselyn 7
Copdock Sarah Maria Alderton 27
James is recorded as a Land Agent and there were 4 servants. The 1841 census did not record relationships, but presumably Sarah Maria Alderton was a visitor.

1851 England Census for Copdock

Name Age Born
James Josselyn 63 Belstead
Mary Josselyn 59 Woodham Walter
Elizabeth Josselyn 21 Copdock
Hannah M Josselyn 19 Copdock
Harriett Josselyn 27 Belstead
Sarah Josselyn 29 Belstead
Hannah Rogers 22 Cook
Elizabeth Holloran 23 House maid
Catherine Kerridge 16 House maid
Jane Ward 16 Kitchen maid
Charles Sollemache 20 Footman
James is recorded as "Land Agent & Farm 130 (?) acres employing 4(?) men and 2 boys"

1851 England Census for Copdock
address: Copdock House, Copdock, Suffolk

Name Est bd. Born Relationship
James Josselyn abt 1788 Belstead, Suffolk Head, Land Proprietor
Mary B Josselyn abt 1792 Woodham Walter, Essex Wife
Hannah M Josselyn abt 1832 Copdock, Suffolk Daughter
Harriet Josselyn abt 1824 Copdock, Suffolk Daughter
Mary S Josselyn abt 1808 Belstead, Suffolk Visitor
Sarah Green abt 1836 Raydon, Suffolk Servant, Cook
Emma Wood abt 1834 Grundisburgh, Suffolk Servant, Housemaid
Mary Day abt 1845 Wattisham, Suffolk Servant, Housemaid
Thomas Bradbrook abt 1842 Wherrtead, Suffolk Servant, Footman

From Times of London, 5 Sept 1850:

"On the 3d inst., at St Mary's, Bryanston Square, James Josselyn jun., Esq of Copdock-house, Ipswich, to Eleanor Royce eldest daughter of Thomas Tomkin Esq. of Witham, Essex.
The senior line continued through James and Mary's eldest son, James, who married Eleanor Royce Tomkin. James was another Land Agent.

In the 1861 Census James and Eleanor were living at Lower Street, , in 1871 they were at 124 The Hills(?), Stratford St Mary and in 1881 they were at Tifslands, Stratford St Mary.

They do not appear to have had any children.

Elizabeth married William Pearson; it is likely that he was a descendant of the John Pearson who had married Sarah Lay in the late 1700's. The 1881 Census lists William, born at Layer de la Haye, near Colchester and then aged 53 and Elizabeth, aged 51, living at the old school house, Theydon Garnon, Essex. Visiting them at that time was Elizabeth's unmarried sister Hannah Maria.

At that time they also had five unmarried children living at home with them; Kathleen Mary (a 25, b Bergholt), Henrietta (22, b Chiswick, London), Margaret (b Epping), Frances Beatrice (17, b Epping), John (15, b Boxted) and Wm Josselyn (14, B Boxted); they appear to have moved around a good deal during their married life.

Eleanor married John (Jack) Brooke; Jack was the son of Arthur? and Harriett (Hopper) of Ipswich. Eleanor died in 1895, her husband dieing in 1909. (John Hallum's father was christened with Brooke for his second name).
Charles Josselyn (G3), born 1828, the second son of James and Mary, married in 1851 Mary Henrietta, daughter of Arthur Steward of Gt Yarmouth and had issue one surviving son, James Arthur Waylen, and nine daughters. Their story is continued here.

With the marriage of Charles Josselyn to Mary Steward, we have yet another linkage to an old established East Anglian family with an established position in the social life of Great Yarmouth, and a possible (but disputed) link with the more widely established Scottish Stewards (and the variations of this name).

Notes & References
Based on Vol 2, Ch 11 of the research of John Hallum