John Josselyn & Charlotte Forth
The Sproughton and Ipswich Family Tree

In 1797, John married Charlotte Augusta Forth and by her had a family of two sons and six daughters.

G4 John Josselyn
= 1797
Charlotte Augusta Forth
G3 John
d inf
Charlotte Matilda
(1805- )
Mary Sarah
(1810- )
(1814- )

John Josselyn bought a small estate at Sproughton and settled there in l8l0, becoming a land agent of some repute. Both he and Charlotte died in 1841 and were buried at Sproughton.

Their eldest son, John (G3) born on Boxing Day 1802, married Emily Godfrey of Kennett Hall, Cambs., he also became a land agent at Sproughton, where the church carries a memorial window; "This window is raised as a tribute of esteem for a worthy man, by friends and parishioners rich and poor".

Of the daughters, Charlotte Matilda and Rosetta married and had issue.

The second son, George (G3) born on New Year's Day 1807, was actively engaged in the community life of Ipswich. He married in 1831 Elizabeth, daughter of Scarlet Browne Bell of Wallington Hall, Norfolk. Elizabeth, whose father was a Captain in the Bombay Native Infantry, was born in Bombay; her family traces back to Sir Robert Bell who was Speaker of the House of Commons and Chief Baron of the Exchequer during the reign of Elizabeth I.

George was, for fifty years, a solicitor at Ipswich, being an Alderman and Mayor in 1842, 1851 and 1859.

From George and Elizabeth, the line can be traced to John Rodney Josselyn and his children, resident in America.

Their son, John Henry Josselyn (G2) (b1834) was the author of the genealogical publications referred to at the beginning of this chapter (Refs 50 and 51).

G3 George Josselyn (1807-1888)
= Elizabeth Bell (1806-1881)
G2 John Henry
(1834- )
= Mary Oswell
( -1884)
= 2nd ....
James Edward
(1884- )
Geo Francis
Mary Anne & Rose
(no issue)
Catherine & Emily
(no issue)

The remainder of the tree has been omitted from the web version.

Notes & References
Based on Vol 2, Ch 10 of the research of John Hallum