John Josselyn & Sarah Sparrow
G5 John Josselyn
(1736- )
= 1767 Sarah Sparrow
G4 John
(1769- )
= Sarah Cobbold
( -1843)
Charles James
(c1773- )
(c1774- )
(1783- )
(c1787- )
Maria Frances

John Josselyn (G5), born 1736 at West Bergholt, married 1767 Sarah Sparrow of Ipswich, by whom he had four sons and four daughters.

The above children were all mentioned in their father's will, dated 1818, in which he bequeathed lands at Copdock and St. Mary Elm, Ipswich to Charles and a farm at Mount Bures to James, his other materials going equally to John, Firman, Charles, James and the four daughters.

He was a land agent and had resided for many years at Belstead and the adjoining parish of Copdock; he was buried at Belstead (with Monumental Inscription)

With the marriage of the second son, Firman Josselyn, and Sarah Cobbold (daughter of John Cobbold, previously mentioned) we have another inter-family marriage; this line may have carried on through the female granddaughters but would not carry the Josselyn name forward.

Firman and Sarah are commemorated on a tomb with iron railings in St Matthew's Church, Ipswich. (Ref 70)

Firman Josselyn, died IInd March MDCCCXLIII aged LXXI (died 1843, aged 71)
Sarah, wife of Firman Josselyn, died XXth July MDCCCXLIII aged LXIV (died 1843 aged 64).

The senior line then followed through John, whilst the line to Charles was through the fourth son, James.

Notes & References
Based on Vol 2, Ch 9 of the research of John Hallum