John Josselyn & Hannah Firman
Family Tree
G6 John Josselyn
= 1733
Hannah Firman
G5 John
(1736- )
= 1767
Sarah Sparrow
(? - ?)
= ?
Ben Kenningdale

John Josselyn (G6), born 12 March 1702/3, married in 1733 at Wiston, Hannah, daughter of William Firman of Wiston. The Firman family is recorded as being an old established armorial family.

John was admitted to the copyhold of the Manor of Mount Bures in 1726.

He died at Cook's Hall, in 1741 and was buried at Little Horkesley, his wife Hannah surviving him, with issue John and Hannah.

Notes & References
Based on Vol 2, Ch 9 of the research of John Hallum