James Josselyn & Sarah Lay
abt 1690 to 1850
The Senior East Anglian Josselyn line from James Josselyn (G6).

The senior line through James leads to an intriguing situation; in 1714 he married Sarah Lay of nearby Tey, the first of four generations of the Lay family who successively married into the Josselyn family.

They had a family of three sons, James, John (who died an infant) and Mark.

G6 James Josselyn (1688 -)
= Sarah Lay (1717 - )
G5 James
(1717 - 1787)
= 1747 Sarah Lay
(died in infancy)
G4 James (1748 - 1794)
= Margaret Lay (c1755 - 1786)
Mark (d infant)
John(d child)
Mark(1752 - )
Richard (d infant)
William (d infant)
John(1763 - )
Robert (1767 - )
Sarah(1753 - ) = Sam Swale (surgeon)
Elizabeth (1756 - ) = 1781 John Lay
Mary (d infant)
Anne (1764 - )
and possibly Mary (1766 - )
Mark and
(all unmarried)
G3 James
(1778 - 1809)
= 19 JUN 1804
Saint Mary The Virgin At The Walls, Colchester
Harriett Maberly
(ref IGI - JH had Amelia Mabberley)
(1780 - 1820)
= 1815 Mary Anne Lay
Margaret (1776 - )
Sarah (1777 - )
Mary (1778 - )
Elizabeth (1784 - )
G2 Harriet
Mary Amelia
= 1824 Edward John Round
John (1816 - ) =1837 Mary Bishop
5 sons and 2 daughters
other daughters

Next in line was their eldest son, James (G5), (bl717) who in 1747 married Sarah, daughter of Mark Lay, having twelve children of which at least five died in childhood.

James Josselyn (G4), b1748, married Margaret, daughter of John Lay of Lt Horkesley. They resided at Wakes Colne, Essex and had two sons, James and John, plus four daughters. Margaret died aged 30, two years after the birth of her youngest daughter.

There was a further Lay involvement when Elizabeth (G4) married Margaret's brother, John Lay in 1781; there does not appear to be any issue from that marriage.

Their eldest son James died without male issue and the senior line of this branch continued through the second son John (G3), b1780, who again married (1815) within the Lay family, his wife being Mary Anne, daughter of Mark and Elizabeth; they had a son John and daughters. His wife remarried twice after his death in 1820, at which time they were living at Boxted Hall. (Volume 1 covered the marriage of Mary Anne's sister, Elizabeth with Thomas Hallum.)

1820 to 1900
John (G2), son of John and Mary Anne, born at Boxted 1816, married Mary Bishop, daughter of the Vicar of Ardleigh, and resided at Bury St Edmunds.

John was a student of Corpus Christie, Cambridge; he was Deputy Lieutenant for Suffolk and High Sheriff 1855. He was also Master of the Suffolk Hounds 1845-64 and 1867-70.

G2 John Josselyn (1816 - 1884)
= 1837 Mary Bishop (1813 - 1897)
G1 Arthur Henry
Frederick John (1840-1910)
= 1876 Helen Osborne
Charles James
(died as infant)
= Frances White
Maud Mary
(1843 - )
= Henry Trimmer Osborne
(1844 - )
= Thomas Jervoise Huddleston
G0 John Willoughby
(1901 - )
(1900 - )

This line of the family had thus relocated to Suffolk and, with issue of five sons and two daughters, firmly established the family in that region, although only one son of this line, Willoughby, had further male issue to carry forward the Josselyn name.

John Josselyn and his wife Mary were buried at Rougham, Suffolk.

Lt Col Arthur Henry Josselyn was a JP and Deputy Lieutenant of Suffolk; he died unmarried.

Lt Col Frederick John Josselyn was latterly Chief Constable of Bedford. He married Helen Osborne of Colchester; he was likewise buried at Rougham.

Willoughby Josselyn married Frances EG White, daughter of John White, Rector of Chevington, Suffolk; he also was buried at Rougham. Their children were Mary and John Willoughby.

Maud Mary married Henry Trimmer Osborne, Rector of Newton, Suffolk; both died at Cambridge.

Laura married Thomas Jervoise Huddleston JP, of Thurston, Suffolk; she died at Bedford.

Notes & References
Based on Vol 2, Chs 6 and 8 of the research of John Hallum