John Royce & Mary Bryckwood
Family Tree
G5 John Royce
( - )
= 1789
Mary Bryckwood
( - )
G4 John Bryckwood Royce
(1790 - )
Mary Bryckwood Royce
(1791 - 1876)
= c 1820
James Josselyn
(c. 1787 - 1867)
Eleanor Royce
(1792 - )

James Josselyn (G4) born about 1787 in Belstead (Belstead Hall?), the youngest son of John Josselyn and Sarah Sparrow, married Mary Bryckwood Royce, daughter of John Royce and Mary Bryckwood of .

Mary's family would appear to have been established in Woodham Walter for some time; records show a William Royce purchasing a messuage in W.W. in 1713. (Ref 100/004)

The Royces
From a Bible "Imprinted at London by Bonham Norton and John Bill, Deputy Printers for the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. Anno 1618"; in the possession of Miss Harriett Josselyn of Ipswich, a daughter of the marriage of above-named Mary Bryckwood Royce with James Josselyn, formerly of Copdock, Suffolk.
Royce and Bryckwood Families.

John Royce of Woodham Walter, Essex, was Married to Mary Bryckwood of Maldon in the same County the 1st of May 1789, at St. Andrews, Holborn, London.

John Bryckwood Royce, Son of the above John & Mary Royce was born 7th Augst 1790.

Mary Bryckwood Royce was born July 12th 1791.

Eleanor Royce was Born 19th July 1792.

All 3 have had Small-Pox, Measles & hooping cough.

N.B. Mary Bryckwood (wife of the above John Royce & Mother of the above Three Children) is Great-Great Grand-Daughter to Mr. Bartholomew Bryckwood to whom this Bible belonged. He was Born 11th of Feby 1596 & made his Will 20th March 1673.

Barth: Bryckwood huius libelli verus possessor 7 Octobr: Anno Dni 1619.

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This Bible record was published in Fragmenta Genealogica,
Volume 10, privately printed, 1904, p. 41.
Notes & References
Based on Vol 2, Ch 11 of the research of John Hallum