Family Tree
G4 Arthur Steward
= 1826 Mary Burton
(1805 - )
G3 Mary Henrietta Steward
(1828 - 1910)
= 1851
Charles Josselyn
Amelia Steward
(1830 - )
= 1865
Walter Steward
( -1869)
Caroline Steward
(1832 - )
Thomas Burton Steward
(1835 - 1901)
= (1)
Emily Anne Maxwell
( - 1867)
= (2) 1870
Anna Katherine J Brown
( -1901)

Like most of the Stewards, Arthur appears to have been involved in many interests: ship owner (1851 census), merchant (1861 census), brewers agent and was involved with his brothers and brother-in-law in property - see the entry for his brother Timothy (above).

Arthur was yet another member of the family involved with Steward and Patteson, as their Yarmouth agent from 1847, a role which his son later acquired.

Arthur Steward's House, King St
Arthur Steward's House, King St, Great Yarmouth (Row 109 on the left)

Arthur Steward's house in Microsoft Live Map.

Arthur lived in the house at the north-east corner of Row109 and King Street at 141 King Street. He died there in 1869 aged 68. (ref 3)

Arthur married Mary Burton in 1826, the Burtons being another well known family in Yarmouth. Unfortunately the records of St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth from this period have been damaged. They had at least 3 children and possibly a fourth.

Mary Henrietta Josselyn (nee Steward) was born in on the 5th August 1828 and married Charles Josselyn on the 26thJune 1851. Charles died in 1893 and the 1901 Census (over) shows Mary Henrietta and her oldest daughter Mary Anne in Great Yarmouth staying or living with her brother Thomas. See here for the story of Mary and Charles.

Thomas Burton Steward was born about 1835/36, the son of Arthur Steward (1801-1869) and Mary Burton.

The English 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses (see opposite) show that Thomas (although he seemed to prefer to be called T Burton Steward) and his wife Anna Katherine P Steward were living in Great Yarmouth and he was listed as Brewer, Mayor, Brewer's Agent and finally Retired Brewer.

Thomas married twice, first to Emily Anne Maxwell( -1867) and after Emily's death he married Anna Katherine J Brown (Civil Registration Index) in Norwich in 1870.

He was a member of the Steward family who were shareholders in the Steward and Patteson brewery. Thomas was appointed in 1883, as a manager with some considerable power. He was one of 5 managers, all appointed from within the families of Steward, Patteson, Morse and Finch and could spend 10,000 on a single transaction and purchase a public house of value up to 5,000.

Thomas was Lord Mayor of Great Yarmouth on 4 occasions: 1876, 1880, ? and finally in 1886. In 1887 Great Yarmouth held a fancy dress ball and dinner to the outgoing Mayor (Thomas Burton Steward, Esquire) on the retirement of Mayor and election of new Mayor (Richard Martins, Esquire) (ref Norfolk Archives).

An article in The Times of 16 11 1892 lists Thomas as a Lieutenant Colonel in the 1st Norfolk Artillery Volunteers, Eastern Division Royal Artillery, see Norfolk and Suffolk Artillery Volunteers.

By 1895 he was Gt Yarmouth agent for the brewery and took up a 3 per cent share capital (54.25% was then held by Steward and Finch (a Steward who changed his name to Finch), 24% by the Morse family and the Pattesons held 21.75%.

Both Thomas and Anna died in 1901.

It is interesting to note that their Ladies Maid, Charlotte Coleman, lived with them for at least 30 years from 1871 to 1901.

There is a reference (ref 1) to a Mr F Burton Steward a founding member of The Great Yarmouth Golf Club "in August 1882 a match was played between Dr Browne, Mr H Cummings and Mr F Burton Steward - the first three members of the Club". Either this is an error, and he is actually Thomas, or he could be another brother.

A second daughter of Arthur and Mary, Amelia Steward, married Walter Steward (- 1869) who was the son of Timothy Steward - Arthur Stewards brother.


STEWARD --- On the 11th January, at Great Yarmouth, Arthur STEWARD, Esq., aged 68.

East Suffolk Gazette And Beccles And Bungay Weekly News 19 January 1869 Page 5, column 5

1851 England Census
Address: King Street, Great Yarmouth
Census Place: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Age in 1851 Birthplace Rel. to Head Occ.
50 Yarmouth, NFK Head Ship Owner
46 Fritton, SUF Wife
22 Gt Yarmouth, NFK Daur
21 Gt Yarmouth, NFK Daur
Caroline STEWARD
19 Gt Yarmouth, NFK Daur
17 Gt Yarmouth, NFK Son Clerk To A.S. Ship Owner
40 Norwich, NFK Serv House Keeper
Harriet BULLEY
28 Caistor, NFK Serv House Maid

1861 England Census
Address: 141 King Street, Great Yarmouth
Civil Parish: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Age in 1861 Birthplace Rel. to Head Occ.
Arthur Steward
60 Yarmouth, Norfolk Head Merchant
Mary Steward
55 Fritton, Suffolk Wife
Amelia Steward
31 Yarmouth, Norfolk Daur
Caroline Steward
29 Yarmouth, Norfolk Daur
Thomas Burton Steward
27 Yarmouth, Norfolk Son not recorded
Emily A Maxwell Tyle
19 Gottenbargh, Swe. Brit Sub Visitor
1871 England Census
Address: 3 Trafalgar Terrace, Great Yarmouth
Civil Parish: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Age in 1871 Birthplace Rel. to Head Occ.
T B Steward
37 Yarmouth, Norfolk Head Brewer
Anna K J Steward
27 Bracondale, Norwich, Norfolk Wife
Charlotte Coleman
43 St Peter, Norfolk Servant Ladies Maid
Edward Margitson
20 Coltishall, Norfolk Servant
Elizabeth Nickling
22 Caister, Norfolk Servant Housemaid
1881 England Census
Address: 6 Albert Square, Great Yarmouth
Civil Parish: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Birth Year Birthplace Rel. to Head Occ.
T. Burton Steward
abt 1855 Yarmouth, Norfolk Head Mayor
Anna K S [sic] Steward
abt 1847 Norwich, Norfolk Wife
Charlotte Coleman
abt 1828 Norwich, Norfolk Servant Ladies Maid
Mary Annison
abt 1839 Whissonsett, Norfolk Servant Parlour Maid
Charles King
abt 1863 Yarmouth, Norfolk Servant Footman
Matilda Mask
abt 1837 Stocton, Norfolk Servant Cook
1891 England Census
Address: 6 Albert Square, Great Yarmouth
Civil Parish: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Age in 1891 Birthplace Rel. to Head Occ.
Thomas B Steward
55 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Head Brewers Merchant
Anna K J Steward
45 Bracondale Wife
Josselyn, Mary A
38 Colchester, Essex Niece
Charlotte Coleman
58 Norwich, Norfolk Servant Ladies Maid
Annie Laws
53 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Nurse
Arthur Wilson
18 Somerleyton, Suffolk Servant Man Servant
Charlotte Burraye
23 Norwich, Norfolk Servant Housemaid
1901 England Census
Address: 6 Albert Square, Great Yarmouth
Civil Parish: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Age in 1901 Birthplace Rel, to Head Occ.
Thomas B Steward
65 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Head Retired Brewer
Anna K Steward
55 Norwich, Norfolk Wife
Mary H Josselyn
73 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Sister
Mary A Josselyn
48 Colchester, Essex Niece
Charlotte Coleman
73 Norwich, Norfolk Servant Ladies Maid
Charlotte Burrage
36 Norwich, Norfolk servant Parlourmaid
Florence Hutson
20 Shropham, Norfolk Servant Housemaid
Emily Martins
32 Oulton, Suffolk Servant Cook
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