Family Passengers
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William John Walls, 21, Derry, Farm Labourer, fare £13/11/6 paid by the NZ govt.
Hugh Heeney 18 Derry, Farm Labourer fare £13/11/6 paid by the NZ govt.
The Voyage, 1877 to 1878
The Carnatic departed from London?? - more likely Plymouth - on 5 November 1877 and arrived at Lyttelton on 1 February 1878.

This was the 4th and last voyage to New Zealand. Earlier voyages were:
1873 to Lyttelton
1875 to Picton
1876 to Lyttelton

The Ship

White Wings (Vol 1)

The Carnatic a fine clipper ship of 871 tons built at Sunderland by Pile in 1867 and chartered by the NZ Steamship Company, was never fortunate enough to make any sensational passaages outwards, but, on one occasion when in command of Captain Moon she ran home in 69.5 days from Port Chalmers. This was in 1874 on her return voyage from the Dominion

Her outward passage on this occasion under Captain Moon was made in 84 days from Plymouth to Port Chalmers.

She sailed with 250 passengers on 8 Dec 1873, crossed the equator on 8 January and sigted the Snares on 25 Feb 1874, 81 days out.

The following year the Carnatic brought another batch of immigrants to Picton and Wellington. She sailed from Plymouth on 28 Sept 1874 and after landing passengers and some cargo at Picton, arrived in Wellington on January 16, 1875.

On the third and last voyage {an error in White Wings?} she was despatched from Gravesend on 24 Sept 1875 under Captain Chapman and after a tedious passage of 119 days, arrived in Auckland on 21 Jan 1876. In those days very little cargo was offering in the Dominion and the Carnatic remained at anchor in the harbour for 6 months, when she then sailed for London with General cargo.

On her return to London the Carnatic made a voyage to San Fransisco and had a narrow escape of being totally wrecked before reaching her destination.

In the early 50's another ship bearing the same name made 2 voyages to the colony. She was a vessel of 632 tons commanded by Captain Smart on her first visit. She arrived in Dunedin on 10 Dec 1853 and after discharging part cargo proceeded to Lyttelton, arriving on 29 Dec.

Two years later the ship under Captain Smith arrived in Auckland on 27 Dec making the passage in 111 days from the Downs.

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