Family Passengers
The Henrietta (State Library of Victoria)
Angus Mackay (assisted passage)
Donald Munro (paid own passage)
The Voyage, 1860
From Glasgow, May 30 1860, to Port Chalmers, September 1860.

Otago Witness, September 29 1860


The barque "Henrietta" arrived at the Heads on Monday morning, after a passage of 115 days from Glasgow. The rather protracted voyage is referable to bad weather since passing the meridian of the Cape, previous to which not a reef had been taken in the topsails. She had on board, at starting 238 souls, equal to 194 statute adults, a number which has been somewhat reduced by the casualties noted below. We regret to learn that sickness has prevailed, and is still prevalent among the passengers to a considerable extent, though there have been no infections or contagious diseases. Various reports are in circulation as to the cause of illness, it having been alleged by some that the accommodation on board was insufficient, by others that the passengers have not received the necessary medical attention: and certainly the disgraceful fact that the surgeon was locked up on a charge of drunkenness a few hours after landing, does not say much for his fitness for his onerous duties. The captain states, however, that the passengers were far from generally healthy when they embarked, and their appearance on boarding was certainly not such as could have been wished, or equal to that of previous arrivals. One female died on board the "Oberon" on the passage up the harbour. We presume that some inquiry will take place, and therefore refrain from further comment.

The passenger list included:

4 farmers
26 ploughmen
17 shepherds
3 masons
9 quarrymen
3 blacksmiths
4 carpenters
1 tailor
1 teacher
4 gardeners
14 labourers
20 female servants

The following address was given signed by 70 passengers:

"Dear Sir,-
Now that we have landed in our adopted land we feel it to be our duty to express our high appreciation of your qualities as a commander and your conduct as a gentleman. We likewise desire to testify our appreciation of the conduct of Mr.Finnie Chief Officer and Mr.Turner second Officer and also of the crew who have done everything in their power to add to our comfort by many acts of kindness during the voyage With every wish that prosperity may attend to you to the termination of your career we remain yours, etc"

The following births and deaths occurred:
July 17Mrs. J Deansof a son premature
July 20Mrs. R Sinclaira son
July 17Mrs. Hamiltona daughter
July 18Mary Deansaged 2 yrsDecline
July 19R Robertsonaged 40Apoplexy
August 6J Sutherlandaged 23Decline
August 30Robert Orraged 2 yrsMarasmus
Sept 5John Cameronaged 5 yrsBrain fever
Sept 7Hannah Oliveraged 19Brain Fever
Sept 13Catherine Cameronaged 20Brain Fever
Sept 22Grace Cameronaged 23Brain Fever
Sept 26Mrs. Ballantineaged 26Decline
The Ship
The Passenger List
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