Family Passengers
RMS Kaikoura
RMS Kaikoura in Wellington Harbour (NZ National Library)
Guy, R.J, E, J and H, passengers to New Plymouth
The Voyage, 1889
London (4 May 1889) to Wellington (17 June 1889)

The New Zealand Times
Wed, June 19 1889


The New Zealand Shipping Company's R.M.S. Kaikoura from London, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, the Cape and Hobart, arrived in harbour at 7.30 am yesterday, the run from Hobart having occupied considerably longer than usual owing to the bad weather encountered. She left Plymouth on the 4th May, at 1.48 pm, and met with fine weather to arrival at Teneriffe, on the 9th at 3 am. Coaled, and left the same day at 1.10 pm, and had light NE. trades and fine weather till off Cape Verde on the 12th, then encountered SE trades in lat. 5deg N; crossed the Equator on the 15th, and had light trades and fine weather till the 21st, freshening to strong breeze with heavy confused sea. This continued until midnight of the 23rd, when it gradually moderated, and arrived at Table Bay on the 25th at 4pm; left same day at 10.15 pm, and experienced moderate northerly winds and cloudy weather till 1st June thence hard squalls and high seas for the next two days, afterward moderate westerly winds to the 7th, when S.E. winds and foggy weather set in lasting to the 9th; since then moderate northerly winds and fine weather to arrival at Hobart on the 12th, at 8.20 am. Resumed voyage same day at 11 pm, with light northerly winds and fine weather till passing Tasman Island then experienced high confused sea with strong N.E. wind, which had increased by midnight of the 14th to fresh gale with high sea; thence light easterly winds and fine weather. Passed Cape Farewell at 10 pm on Monday, and the Heads at 7.0 am yesterday.


Tuesday June 17. [1889]

Kaikoura, R.M.S, 2885 tons, Crutchley, from London, Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart. Passengers – For Wellington: Saloon - Mrs and Miss Hobday, and Mr A. Morinet; second saloon—Misses J. Mills and Pullen (2), Mrs Davidson, Messrs H. Davidson, A. Pullen and J. B. Smith; steerage - Miss A. Hyde, Mrs. A. McCarthy and 3 children, Messrs L. Dunoon(?), W. Grapes, M. Hyde,.J. Little, J. Jammison and J. Taylor. For other ports: Saloon - Misses M. Bird and L. Rees, Mesdames Allen and Rees, Dr W. Allen, Messrs J. Butterworth, F Wright and W. L. Rees;.second saloon - Mesdames A. Walker, Guy and 2 boys, Mr and Mrs F. Anson and 5 children, Messrs G Burrows, F. C. Forbes, L. and A. Rees and R. Guy. Steerage - Misses J. Mildren, M. Cullen, E. Martin, S. Wilson, M. Self and J Macey, Mesdames Bates, Cullen and E. Wroath, Messrs W. Andrew, H. Bates, W. Ambrose, R.(?) Smith; C. Cullen, Jamison (2), W. Meyn, A. Munro, C. Plummer, J. Wilson, Schwaneman, G. Batchelor. F. Robins, J. Rowlings and J. Vass. N.Z. Shipping Co., agents.

The Ship
Built by John Elder & Co, Glasgow in 1884, she was delivered to the New Zealand Shipping Co, London in Sep.1884 and left London on 24th Oct.1884 on her maiden voyage to Cape Town, Wellington and Auckland. She continued this service until starting her last voyage for the company on 5th Feb.1899.

4474 gross tons
Length 430ft x beam 36ft (131.06m x 14.02m)
Clipper bows, one funnel, three masts (rigged for sail), single screw, speed 14 knots
Accommodation for 77-1st, 58-2nd and 230-emigrant class passengers.

The Kaikoura was sold to the British India Steam Navigation Co in June 1900 and renamed ZAIDA and was scrapped in January 1907.[Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, vol.7, New Zealand Shipping Co]

The Passenger List
Notes & References
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