Family Passengers
Light Brigade
Light Brigade
Robinson Beriah, 50, Antrim, Labourer
Beriah Jnr., 19, Antrim, Labourer
William, 17, Antrim, Labourer
Jemima, 21, Tyrone, Domestic Servant
Charlotte, 19, Tyrone, Domestic Servant
Sarah, 15, Tyrone, Domestic Servant
The Voyage, 1868
The Light Brigade, Captain H. Evans, departed from London on 18th May 1868 and arrived at Lyttelton on 26th August 1868.
The Ship
Ship: 1214 Tons

Old hands will remember how the old Queen Street wharf and Britomart and the other heights used to be crowded with people when this beautifully modelled vessel used to sail into the Waitemata. In addition to the great beauty of her model and rig, the Light Brigade was interesting from the fact that she brought out a large number of troops during the Maori War. Of 1214 tons burden, she was built in 1855 at Boston, USA by that celebrated builder D McKay and when she left the launching ways her name was Ocean Telegraph. The Light Brigade four years later came out to Lyttelton, bringing several saloon passengers, including Mr G H Whitcombe, the founder of the firm of Whitcombe and Tombs. She also landed a large number of second and third-class passengers.

The Passenger List
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