Family Passengers
Queen of the Mersey
Sketch of the Queen of the Mersey
Henry, 48, Middlesex, Farm Labourer
Sarah, 45
Walter, 11
Albert, 10
Ansley, 7
Henry, 19, Middlesex, Blacksmith
George, 17, Middlesex, Blacksmith
Frederick, 14, Middlesex, Blacksmith
The Voyage, 1862
The Queen of the Mersey, Captain Atkins, departed from London on 3rd July 1862 and arrived at Lyttelton on 19th October 1862.

Taken from Lyttelton Times, October 22 1862

The Queen of the Mersey, 1226 tons, Captain Aitken with immigrants, arrived off the heads on Friday morning, but was unable to enter the harbour till night. She brings a large number of passengers who have arrived in good health. The deaths of ten infants have occurred on the voyage, measles having at one time being prevalent among the children. The Queen of the Mersey sailed from Gravesend on July 3rd, passed the Lizard on the 12th, sighted Madeira on the 24th, but did not pass the line till August 16. Since then she has experienced more favourable winds, having passed the Cape on September 12, and sighted the Snares on the 14th inst.

A serious mutiny took place amongst a portion of the crew during the voyage. The cause of the offence was the old story "grog" some of the crew having contrived to broach cargo and get at the spirits. After the men were in irons we hear that the Captain was violently assaulted and struck by one of the sailors with the handcuffs, by which he was seriously hurt. The men, five in number were handed over to the police as soon as the vessel anchored.

Source White Wings Sir Henry Brett

The Ship
The Queen of the Mersey, 1227 Tons, was American built in 1860 for Mr H. Melvain, of Newcastle. In 1862 she was chartered for two voyages to New Zealand.
The Passenger List
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