Family Passengers
The Ruapehu circa 1886.
(National Library of New Zealand)
Passengers for Gisborne:
Walls, Mr T[homas]
Walls, Mrs E[llen nee McCormick]
Walls, Miss E[llen]

Other passengers of interest were Sir Julius & Lady Vogel.

The Voyage, 1894
The Ruapehu departed from London on 13 Dec 1894 and arrived in New Zealand on 31 Jan 1895.

From the Hawkes Bay Herald, 1 Feb 1895, P2:

Arrived-Ruapehu, from London, after an uneventful passage. Her dates are London, December 13th, Tenerife 20th, Cape January 6th, and Hobart 26th. She brings 2170 tons of cargo, 151 passengers, and seven prize sheep. Captain Findlay is in command, with Mr Noakes (late of the Otarama) as chief officer, Mr Turner (late of the Miowera) second officer, Mr Tosswlll (late of the Otarama) third officer, and Mr Blackwell (late of the Aorangl) chief steward. The personnel of the engine room Is unchanged. On January 14th she passed the ship Turaklna, 56 days out, bound for Wellington, and on January 26th the British barque Santa, standing to the west, all well. Passengers for Napler-Mrs and Miss Neville, Messrs R. M. Simons and C. E Simons.
The Ship
RUAPEHU 4,200 tons was one of the first 3 steamers built for the NZ Shipping Company. Launched in 1884 she had accommodation for 61 first class passengers, 40 second class, and 205 migrants. She was sold in 1899 to make way for faster vessels.
The Passenger List
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