Family Passengers
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Steerage passengers included:
John Harper (22), Shepherd and
Maria Harper (21)
The Voyage, 1851
The Sir George Pollock departed from London on 17th July 1851 and arrived at Lyttelton on 10th November 1851.
The Ship
Rigging: Ship; sheathed in yellow metal in 1851; sheathed in felt and yellow metal in 1861; fastened with iron bolts
Tonnage: 630 tons using old measurements and 553 tons using new measurements
Construction: 1847, Maulmain, using Teak
Owners: Luscombe (1851); F. Frost (1861)
Master: Captain Withers (1851); Captain F. Frost (1861)
Port of registry: Calcutta (1851); London (1861)
Port of survey: London
Voyage: sailed for New Zealand
A List of Persons whom the Canterbury Association have authorized to embark for Canterbury, New Zealand per Ship "Sir George Pollock". Withers, Commander. Dr Moore Surgeon-Superintendent, Frederick Young, Manger of Shipping. Shipping Office, Canterbury Association 15 July 1851.

See ref 1 for details.

The Passenger List
Notes & References
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