Family Passengers
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David Greer (23), Tyrone, Farm Labourer and Mary (24) [nee Robinson]
James Nicholls (27), Tyrone, Farm Labourer, Matilda (19) [nee Robinson] and Alexander J (6 wks)
Elizabeth Robinson (22), Tyrone, Dom Servant

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The Voyage, 1870
The Victory, 1199 Tons, sailed London December 16 1865 and arrived Lyttelton 24th March 1866. The Captain was Mr Gibbons and the Surgeon, Dr Cocksedge, died a few days after leaving Port. Mr Barringer was appointed to take his place.

The Immigration Commissioners report that they found everything on board the "Victory" in a most satisfactory condition.

The Matron, said to have many years experience in a similar capacity, had kept the compartments of the single women in a state of excellent order, and very perfect discipline appears to have been maintained.

The Hospital arrangements showed a great improvement on former vessels. The Commissioners approbation the separation from it of a distinct enclosed space as a dispensary. The Commissioners learned, with deep regret, that Dr Cocksedge, the Surgeon Superintendent, appointed in England, died a few days after leaving Port. Mr Barringer, a medical man amongst the passengers, was appointed by the Master to take his place, and appears to have performed his duties in a most satisfactory manner; he had previously served as Surgeon Superintendent of a passenger ship. The Commissioners recommended that he should receive the gratuity which would have been payable to Dr Cocksedge.

The (Graveley's) condensing apparatus is reported to have worked well throughout the voyage. The Commissioners report that the Victory, taken generally fore and aft, would bear favourably for cleanliness and order with any ship that has brought Immigrants to Lyttelton. They recommend that all the gratuities be payed.


The Ship
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