Family Passengers (and others of interest)
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Captain Arthur Wakefield, 42, NZC Agent for Nelson
Thomas Brunner, 19, Improver
Charles Torlesse, Improver, Married to Married Catherine Wakefield, sister of E G Wakefield

and from the family:
William Taylor, 32, Miner

The Voyage, 1841
The Whitby was one of the first ships carrying emigrants to Nelson. She sailed from London on the 27th April 1841 and arrived Wellington 8th September 1841 before going on to Nelson, arriving there on 5th November 1841.

Captain: William Lacey
Surgeon Superintendent: Alexander McShane

The 347 ton Whitby was one of three vessels fitted out to carry out a survey for the new settlement at Nelson. Whitby and Will Watch departed London on Sunday afternoon, May 2nd 1841.

A service had been held on board Will Watch and their passage down the Thames was marked by a 21 gun salute. Arrow did not depart until May 21st but beat the other two ships to Port Nicholson. All three ships first arrived at Port Nicholson until the question of the site of Nelson had been resolved. Whitby brought to New Zealand, Capain Arthur Wakefield (the brother of Edward Gibbon Wakefield) along with 59 officals and labourers.

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