What was the Valuation and when was it taken?
Griffith's Valuation was the general valuation of all rateable property in Ireland and was completed between the years 1847 and 1864. It was named after Richard Griffith, Commissioner of Valuation. The valuations were published in a series of over 300 volumes, detailing the names of all the property occupiers in Ireland and the value of their house and land.

The complete name is "Griffith's Primary Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland".

The purpose was to establish the level of rates payable by each landholder or leaseholder. It lists the majority of land- or house-holders in the country giving the townland and description of the property (e.g. land; house; land and house; or house, out offices/out buildings, and land). It also lists the landlord and the annual valuation, however it does not list the age of the landholder or names of family members.

The years that the Valuation was completed for each Irish County are listed below.

County Years Covered County Years Covered County Years Covered
Antrim 1861-62 Armagh 1864 Carlow 1852-53
Cavan 1856-57 Clare 1855 Cork 1851-53
Derry 1858-59 Donegal 1857 Down 1863-64
Dublin 1848-51 Dublin City 1851 Fermanagh 1862
Galway 1855 Kerry 1852 Kildare 1851
Kilkenny 1849-50 Laois (Queen's Co.) 1858-60 Leitrim 1856
Limerick 1851-52 Longford 1854 Louth 1854
Mayo 1856-57 Meath 1855 Monaghan 1858-60
Offaly (King's Co.) 1864 Roscomon 1857-58 Sligo 1858
Tipperary 1851 Tyrone 1860 Waterford 1848-51
Westmeath 1854 Wexford 1853 Wicklow 1852-53
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